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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Else Knows Ali Is Alive?

In the Season 4 Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) finally fesses up to her besties about being, you know, alive. Now, they’re on the seemingly short list who are in on her secret. Also on that list: Ali’s persistent stalker, Ezra “A” Fitz, and Ravenswood’s Mrs. Grunwald. Who else might be in on the secret of Ali’s continued existence? We speculate below!


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We don’t think Toby is working for the “A” Team anymore, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still keeping secrets. When still on the “A” Team roster, Toby seemingly left town a lot to do “A”’s bidding. Was he helping Ezra in the hunt for Alison? If so, it would follow that he knew the Liars’ blond-haired BFF is alive. Alternately, maybe Ali herself came to Toby for help post fake death? Though these two obviously had some bumpy patches in their friendship (i.e. juvie), they seemed to be on the same side much more often than they weren’t. Alison allegedly helped Toby get free of Jenna’s clutches. Plus, the night Ali fake-died, she was wearing Toby’s sweater. He said he gave it to her early in the night, but she’s not wearing it when Mrs. Grunwald pulls her from the ground. Did she see Toby after her fake-death?

Jenna Marshall

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We’re not sure what Jenna’s deal is, but she was almost killed earlier this season for knowing something about Ali. She won’t tell the Liars what that something is, but it makes sense that it would be her alive-status and, possibly, her hiding spot. Jenna and Ali were basically enemies. Earlier on the day of Ali’s fake-death, the mean girl stopped off at the hospital to blackmail Jenna into leaving town. Later, Jenna thinks Garrett killed Alison with a field hockey stick. Did Jenna “see” Alison later that night? Or, perhaps, did Ali go to her sometime later? Perhaps Alison thought it might be worth hiding with and/or confiding in her mortal enemy because it would be the last place anyone would think to look.


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OK, we know that Spencer knows, but what if she knew before the Halloween episode? The night of Ali’s disappearance, Spencer was also missing when the other Liars woke up to find Ali gone. She wandered back into the barn with a blank look on her face, telling the others that she heard a scream. Could Spencer have known that Ali is alive this entire time? According to spoilers, she has been keeping a secret from the Liars since that night. This is a pretty major secret, and would not discount Spencer’s ferocity in searching for “A.” Perhaps that is why Spence has always worked so dogged to take the stalker down because she knows her friend is waiting to come home.

Who else, if anyone, do you think knows about Alison’s not-death? Share your theories in the comments below!

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