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Glee Recap: Season 5, Episode 4: “A Katy or a Gaga” — [SPOILER] Gets Cheated On!

Glee, she wrote! Tonight’s Glee Season 5, Episode 4: “A Katy or a Gaga” was a total blast, between Blaine in drag, Adam Lambert joining Kurt’s band, and a shocking hook up! So take a swig of saline solution, go pierce something, and ask yourself what Ladybird Johnson would do.

What's Wrong with Looking Like a Gay Thundercat?

No one would accuse Glee of not giving enough shout-outs to Katy Perry or Lady Gaga over the years, as previous episodes have involved people dressing up as both pop stars. Still, we loved this week and all its outlandishness, with Sam going shirtless in those Icarus wings, plus Blaine in drag. Seriously, Blaine is always hot, even when wearing… whatever he was wearing for that Gaga song. No complaints.

We learn that Marley and Jake’s romance is far from perfect, with Jake wanting to change up their Mary Poppins-filled routine and spice things up in the bedroom. Uh, isn’t this pretty similar to Finn-Rachel’s relationship back in high school? At any rate, Jake rolls out of bed with Marley and right into the willing arms of Bree. That is so not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious of him.

That’s not the end of Marley’s problems. Schue inexplicably suspends Marley for the week for not wearing her Gaga-esque seashell bikini. Wait, she got suspended for not showing off skin? But Schue tastes his own medicine when Sue suspends glee for a week for the crazy getups. Does this mean Throat Explosion has Nationals in the bag? And can Throat Explosion please change its name? Thanks.

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Were You Wondering Becky's Stance on Handies? Now You Know It

But not all couples were feuding. Sam and Penny are cuter than ever, especially once she pretends to stop digging edgy music like Skrillex and embraces her inner vanilla. And speaking of Skrillex, this episode was definitely bangarang. Yep, totally bangarang. [Pause] Okay, fine - we have no idea what “bangarang” means. But we’re guessing it’s good. (Maybe Skrillex is a big Hook fan?)

Over in NYC, Kurt is starting a Madonna cover band with cute couple Santana and Dani, so they hold auditions for a new member. Enter Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert, whom the girls love but Kurt not so much. Finally, Rachel gives Kurt a don’t-be-mainstream pep talk, followed by Starchild stalking tracking down Kurt at the Spotlight, and suddenly he’s in the band.

But he’s not the only one joining the band! That’s right — Rachel’s in, too, despite her busy Funny Girl-filled schedule. We also love Rachel’s choice of Pamela Lansbury for the band’s name. Then again, we kinda loved "Areola 51," too. But that’s just us.

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Our Favorite Scene of the Night

This week’s episode was full of relationship drama, and we were onboard with it. Frankly, the inevitable Jarley split is probably the one breakup that no one is weeping over, since we’re kinda surprised they even lasted this long. Is anyone out there not hyperventilating with anticipation over the idea of Marley and the far-more-compatible Ryder finally getting together? Didn’t think so.

We’re also digging Penny for Sam, although we still don’t know why Samcedes had to end. This is us pouting. Okay, we’re done pouting. And speaking of couples, is anyone else worried that Starchild might somehow come between Kurt and Blaine, given that Santana chastised them for flirting? Please say this is just us being way too paranoid.

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For our “Favorite Scene of the Night” Award, we’re going with Rachel deciding to join the band, since that is now the most talented cover band in history. (No offense to that Flock of Seagulls cover band we saw at a bowling alley when we were five years old.) And our runner-up scene was Rachel telling Kurt it’s okay to get weird. Rachel-Kurt’s friendship was on fire tonight! Oh, and third place is Blaine in drag. Just because.

And so the episode was a ton of fun, which was nice after the previous episode’s somber tribute to Cory Monteith. And now we can’t wait to find out Jarley’s fate in next week’s twerktastic episode! If anyone needs us, we’ll be replaying Blaine’s drag scene over and over and over...

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