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Glee’s Demi Lovato: I Kissed Naya Rivera — Right After I Met Her!

Glee's Santana (Naya Rivera) and Dani (Demi Lovato) didn't know each other for very long before they started locking lips in Season 5. But it turns out that Naya and Demi knew each other for even less time than their characters did before that first kiss.

In a Glee behind-the-scenes video, Demi says she gets along really well with Naya, but that it was a little awkward to kiss her on the first day that they met.

"I met Naya on the first day of shooting, so I had never met her before, and then I had to kiss her," Demi reveals. "It's so funny how those things happen."

"We hit it off right away she's so funny, and I love her," Demi adds about Naya. "She's so cool."

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Demi says she wasn't necessarily looking for an acting role, but she's now thrilled to have a stint on the show. "Being on Glee — it's really, really awesome," she gushes. "I didn't think that I'd be acting so soon, but I'm really, really glad that this came along, and I'm just happy to be acting again."

It turns out that Demi is also a big fan of Naya's fiance, rapper Big Sean. "All of the songs that I would want to sing on Glee are rap songs and are totally inappropriate, just because I think it would be so much fun," Demi says. "'Mona Lisa' by Big Sean — I would do that one in a heartbeat."

It's so cute that Demi appears to be besties with Naya and Big Sean! And does anyone else love the idea of Demi rapping on the show, or is it just us?

Source: Glee on Fox on YouTube