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Troian Bellisario

Pretty Little Liars Star Troian Bellisario Caught in Bed With Michael Phelps — But There’s a Catch!

Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) and boyfriend Patrick J. Adams (of Suits fame) are just too cute together. Need proof? Check out this photo Patrick just posted of Troian in bed with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. Don’t worry there’s a catch!

“I knew it. It's all those gold medals isn't it? ISN'T IT ?!!#phelpingout,” Patrick captioned the Instagram pic of a play-acting mortified Troian in bed with a cardboard cut-out of Michael Phelps it’s pretty hilarious. The cut-out swimmer even has goggles on his head. And, Troian’s reaction is priceless, arm reaching out to block the camera’s view. These two are great together! (Troian and Patrick, not Troian and Phelps.)

Patrick is quite the trickster when it comes to the Troian-featured Instagram photos. In October, he tweeted, “I snuck @sleepinthegardn onto set to keep me company.” Rather than actually having brought Troian to the Suits set, he brought a framed photograph of Troian standing on a bridge.

In the photo, Troian is facing away from the camera in the distance, so it would have been difficult to work out who the subject is without Patrick’s tweet — but we will totally be looking for the pic when the new season of Suits starts up this winter.

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere, Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.