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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Why Does Noel Come Back?

We’ve missed seeing Brant Daugherty’s pretty face on Pretty Little Liars, which is why we were so glad to hear the news that his dastardly onscreen counterpart, Noel Kahn, will be back for the Season 4 finale. As a supporting character, which of these known Noel associates might be responsible for luring him back onto our screens?


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Calling Ezra and Noel “associates” may be a bit of an overstatement, but now that we know about Ezra’s secret life as “A,” the seemingly socially mild English teacher could be BFFs with Miley Cyrus for all we know. Plus, there was that awkward moment in Season 1 when Noel blackmailed Ezra into giving him an “A” on his English test. Ezra seemingly retaliated by planting test answers in Noel’s locker. In retrospect, that should have been a big, fat “A” clue but, we digress. Could Noel and Ezra have an “A”-related relationship that we don’t know about? Might this be what brings Noel back into the narrative?


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Of course, not everyone on PLL is in cahoots with “A” (right?). Some of them are Liars’ loved ones. Aria and Noel had a bit of a fling in Season 1, and she totally had a crush on him pre-PLL. Might they strike up a romance again, this time potentially fueled by Aria’s discovery that Ezra is “A”? We can imagine the girl going into a Spencer-level emotional tailspin following that reveal, and dating Noel Kahn would definitely be a justifiably misguided action for that level of meltdown (Spencer-level is the highest).


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Marlene King has been dropping clues that Emaya might not be as over as we previously suspected given Maya’s alleged death. Now that Alison has turned up alive and well after four seasons of presumed dead-dom, we’re beginning to eye every other “murder” on this show with suspicion. Before Maya died, she was hiding in Noel’s family cabin. If she is alive, it would make sense that Noel would be the one to know about it. Could his return in the Season 4 finale be spurred by the simultaneous return of Maya?


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One of Noel’s multiple “A”-related connection was his romantic relationship with Mona, aka the Original “A.” They broke up only for Noel to go out with Jenna. Now that we know Mona was “A” and that Jenna has a key piece of information about Ali, we wonder if the Mona/Noel breakup could have been staged. Did Mona ask Noel to gain Jenna’s confidence to get the information she is so desperately holding onto? If so, we wouldn’t be surprised if these two old flames rekindled their romance in Season 4B.

Why do you think Noel is coming back to PLL? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4B premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.