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Jersey Shore

All the Jersey Shore Cast Salaries Revealed! How Much Did They Make Per Episode?

As we previously reported, Snooki, The Situation, and Pauly D all made over $2 million each for shooting one season of Jersey Shore. Back when the show was still on (those were the days), RadarOnline got the details on how much the rest of the cast made.

According to Radar, the Season 6 per-episode salaries for each of the castmates was as follows.

Snooki: $150k
The Situation: $150k
Pauly: $150k
JWOWW: $100k
Vinny: $90k
Ronnie: $80k
Sammi: $80k
Deena Nicole: $40k

Deena’s relatively low salary may have been a surprise, but a source at the time said that her salary may have been raised as Season 6 filming continued. “With all the drama that Deena has been bringing to the show, including kissing a girl and even getting arrested, her salary is definitely going up thanks to that," said the source.

Sad as it may be, it sounds like every time Deena cried, her bank account got bigger. Do you think the salary distribution was fair at the time?

Source: RadarOnline