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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Going Bowling With THIS Co-Star — Real-Life Besties!

Brandi Glanville is living life in the gutter and no, we don't mean that in a bad way.

We're talking of course about the gutters of a bowling alley, as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is apparently an avid fan of the pastime. And one of her cast members is joining her on a cute bowling outing.

Brandi and RHoBH newbie Carlton Gebbia chatted back and forth on Twitter today about their upcoming bowling trip.

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"@CarltonGebbia13 can we bowl in heels?" Brandi tweets on November 9. "Hahahahaha jk, see you and your beautiful family later tonight."

Okay, so Brandi claims to be kidding about the footwear, but we can totally imagine her trying to bowl in pumps. Then again, who can blame her for not wanting to wear those terrible-looking shoes that bowling alleys provide?

And it appears that Carlton isn't judging her for her question, as she replies to Brandi, "Is there any other way?"

Then, Brandi tweets back, "@CarltonGebbia13 wait until you see my ball, yes I have a personal one :) leopard print." Of course Brandi would have a leopard-print bowling ball. Of course.

We love that the two women are now bowling buddies! We saw that Brandi and Carlton got off to a good start on this week's Season 4 premiere episode, but we had no idea how close they are.

Best of luck on getting a 300 tonight, ladies!

Source: Brandi on Twitter