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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Derek Hough Plans to “Up the Choreography” Post-Injuries

Would you believe Derek Hough has been holding back?

You’d never know it, especially since on Dancing With the Stars Season 17 Week 8, he and Amber Riley earned a 10 for their Rumba, giving them the highest score and immunity from the Dance-Off.

But they’ve both been suffering from injuries that have prevented them from really going full throttle. In his TV Guide blog, Derek said that’s about to change.

“I'm still looking out for Amber's knee, but I'm hoping to add in some more elements this week and going forward if we stick around,” the four-time pro champ wrote. “It's Week 9 already, which is insane! As we get down to the wire, I think we need to up the choreography a bit because I've toned it down for medical purposes. It's about making everything sharper and more precise. As far as performing goes, Amber has got that down pat. I have nothing to teach her there!”

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    

They’re already doing so well, but this could just boost them to triple 10s.

However, Derek said there was already a snag in that Amber was unable to rehearse on Thursday because of “a personal matter,” putting them a little bit behind. He figured she would be back on Friday to keep them on track for their Week 9 Quickstep together, then Salsa Trio with Mark Ballas.

“The good thing is both routines are relatively choreographed, so it's about polishing them up,” Derek wrote in the blog, which was posted Friday. “I'm also not as worried with Amber when we miss a rehearsal because she's a quick learner. Everyone learns differently and sometimes people come in the next day and it's like rehearsals the day before didn't happen. With Amber, she's really good about doing homework at home and when she comes in the next day, she has improved.”

It sounds like they are in pretty good shape, overall. Are you excited to see what the combined powers of Derek, Amber and Mark can achieve — especially if Derek is amping up the choreography? Here’s what everyone else is dancing on Monday, November 11.

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Source: TV Guide