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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 17, Week 9: Amber Riley, Derek Hough, and Mark Ballas’s Trio Salsa

On Dancing With the Stars Season 17, Week 9, Amber Riley and Derek Hough were joined by Mark Ballas for a Trio Salsa.

In the video package, Mark complimented Amber for being a quick learner. Amber said she was very confused by having two teachers at first. Derek said that the goal was for he and Mark to be like Amber's backup dancers. "Eat your heart out, America," Amber said, after explaining that lots of women would kill to dance with one of these guys, let alone two.

Amber looked hot hot hot in her yellow dress, and the dance certainly put her front and center. Her personality came through as always, and she rocked the more Hip-Hop moves the boys put in there, but the actual Salsa content looked a little rough to us. Still, fun, fun dance.

Len said she was like a ray of sunshine, though there was a lack of hip action. Bruno said he loves it when she lets go, calling her irresistible. That said, he agreed about Amber needing more hip movement. Carrie Ann called them the "dream team." She said she's bummed Amber is injured, but Amber said she's in it to win it.

Score: 9, 9, 9

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Catch the next episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 17 on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.