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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 2 Recap — Kyle Mocks Lisa’s Collapse!

Bee mine! In this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap, Carlton Gebbia is not buzzing with joy after lunch with Kyle Richards, while Yolanda Foster heads to the hospital as she continues her fight with Lyme disease. So it's time to practice your fake faint, grab some fairy dust, and don't have an angina.

Roses Are Red, Brandi Is Feeling Blue

The episode starts with Yolanda Foster going on a cleanse because of all the meds she's on for her Lyme disease. We later see her in the hospital to get her port removed, which Yolanda is happy to get rid of. But there's another health scare in Yolanda's family, as her daughter Gigi is feeling light-headed. Time to suck on an almond or two.

Brandi shows off her new home to her mom. It's cute to see them sit on boxes and drink Chaos brand liquor as they read Brandi's old poetry. Let's just say we understand why Brandi's recent books aren't poetry books. Things get sad when Brandi reveals that she isn't talking to her dad because he disapproved of her revealing Oscar dress. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right?

Welcome Back, Taylor!

We get to catch up with Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher, whom she got engaged to over the summer. The two have joined Kyle and Kim Richards at the Dancing with the Stars taping to see Lisa Vanderpump perform her fancy footwork. Speaking of fancy footwork, Brandi and Ken Todd have got some moves, too.

We see Carlton's amazing home, as she helps her daughter with homework, and we see her with her hunky husband. Then, Carlton complains of an angina although she doesn't know what that is. Details, details.

Kyle invites Carlton, Joyce Giraud, and her pal Sharon over to her place for lunch. Things get off to a rocky start immediately, with Kyle cutting off Carlton's story about her cat eating a bird. Guess that's not action-packed enough for Kyle. Speaking of sad stories involving animals, Carlton is shocked when Kyle — who's allergic tells Sharon to smash a bee. Carlton does not approve.

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

Fake It Till You Make It?

Lisa and Ken are getting back to their roots by developing a new gay bar called Pump. The couple is a little worried about getting permission to open the bar, but they're confident it will work out. Anyway, Ken is more concerned about the "urinals," judging from the fact that he says the word about ten thousand times.

Later, Lisa meets up with Brandi and Yolanda to enjoy George Clooney's tequila — because if you can't have the man himself, you can at least get drunk in his honor. Yolanda discusses how difficult her ongoing battle with Lyme disease has been. She mentions doing puzzles to improve brain function, and Lisa jokes that Brandi should try that. Whoa!

Finally, Kim meets at Kyle's place to watch Lisa on DWTS. After discussing the Tooth Fairy and Kim's love of fairy dust, Kim and Kyle are shocked to see Lisa collapse during her dance routine. However, they're both convinced it was a fake faint, and Kim and Kyle proceed to act out the incident while laughing. We can't imagine Lisa is going to appreciate that.

Our Final Thoughts

So what do we make of Carlton and Kyle's tension? Well, Kyle definitely shouldn't have cut off Carlton's story, although we understand that things can be stressful when you're entertaining. And at other times, Carlton seemed a little quick to criticize Kyle and her friends. And shouldn't Carlton have understood that Kyle is allergic around bees and thus doesn't want them nearby?

As far as Kyle and Lisa go, it's becoming more and more apparent that they just won't make up. In fact, we were shocked that Kim and Kyle would assume that Lisa was faking her collapse, rather than feeling sympathy for Lisa. And Lisa probably shouldn't have made that crack about Brandi's brain power. Also, we continue to wish Yolanda the best with her health.

So this was a pretty wild episode, as more drama arises. But now, we could use a drink. Care to join us, George Clooney?