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Real Housewives of Miami

Mohamed Hadid Resonds to Rumors That He Cheated on Yolanda With Joanna Krupa!

One of the biggest sources of drama at this week's Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Reunion Part 1 was Adriana De Moura claiming that Brandi Glanville told her that Joanna Krupa slept with Mohamed Hadid while he was still married to Yolanda Foster. Got all that? Okay, good. But did Joanna actually sleep with Mohamed? That's where things get unclear.

Brandi said last night on Watch What Happens Live that Joanna did sleep with Mohamed, even though Joanna denies sleeping with him. Now, Mohamed is also saying that they never slept together.

"Sadly, I take responsibility for breaking up our marriage," Mohamed tweeted on November 11. "[Yolanda] never even knew of [Joanna]."

"Jo and I have been only best friends for 10 years," he continues. "Two years after our separation."

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Rumors have persisted for years that Yolanda caught him in bed with Joanna while they were still married, but Mohamed denies this. "Joanna had nothing to do with our split," he tweets. "Stop [these] rumors. Friends for 10 years. You got to stop. Yolanda never, ever found us sleeping together."

As you might have guessed, Brandi doesn't appreciate Mohamed's stance. "That is sad, as I thought we were friends — I'm not lying, and I care for his family very much," she tweets.

Then, Mohamed tweets at Brandi, "It's a pure lie. I have never, ever spoken to Brandi about Joanna. I would never speak of private parts." Mohamed is referring to Brandi's claim that Mohamed told her Joanna smelled funny down there, if you get our drift.

Yolanda then weighed in on the dispute. "❤️ Only @MohamedAHadid @joannakrupa & God know the truth of this 12-year-old accusation," she writes. "l choose to focus on David now and spare my babies this negativity."

At that, Mohamed writes to Yolanda, "I love you, mother of my children and my best friend. You know I don't have a foul mouth, and I would never use words to Brandi."

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Lisa Vanderpump chimed in as well, tweeting about Mohamed, "You have always acted like a gentleman, and I don't think that will ever change, no matter who says what."

Whew. So there's a lot of claims and denials being thrown around. It's hard to imagine that Brandi would have made this all up, but maybe she misinterpreted something that Mohamed said?

So do you believe Brandi, or do you think Mohamed and Joanna were truly just friends?

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