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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop: 6 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 3 — “Lez B Honest”

Love & Hip Hop started off with a banging premiere and only continues to move forward with the drama. On Season 4, Episode 3: “Lez B Honest,” audiences were treated to confrontations galore and quite honestly, we didn’t want them to end.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Peter Gunz tells Tara Wallace that he’s involved with Amina Buddafly

When Peter Gunz calls his girlfriend of 13 years, Tara Wallace, to the studio to talk, we all knew it wasn’t going to end well. Sitting Tara down to tell her the truth about his relationship with Amina Buddafly (or part of it, rather), Tara doesn’t take it lightly — at all. After a barrage of a slaps, punches, and cuss words, Tara stormed off… but she was far from being done.

2. Amina Confronts Peter and Tara about their relationship

Peter didn’t tell Tara the absolute truth about his relationship with Amina, and when he met up with Amina, he let her know that he only told his baby mama that they two were having sex. Amina was completely upset with Peter and ultimately made the decision to take matters into her own hand and have a talk with Tara.

3. Nya Lee confronts Erica Mena about their project

After meeting with good friend Joe Budden, Nya Lee received advice to dump Erica Mena from her musical endeavors since the model/singer didn’t seem very serious about it. When Nya and Erica met up, things seemed to be moving well, until Nya questioned Erica’s sincerity about doing a record together. After that, all bets were off and both ladies threw jabs at each other, with Erica calling Nya a stripper with no credibility and Nya calling Erica a “crazy ass bitch.”

4. Erica Mena reveals her feelings to friend Cyn Santana

Since dealing with former boyfriend (and manager) Rich Dollaz, Erica decides to tap into her bi-sexuality once more and begins courting her friend, model Cyn Santana. While Erica’s ready to dive head first into a relationship, Cyn, who has never dated a girl, tells Erica that she’s got mixed feelings about her and hopes that no matter what, they can remain friends.

5. Tahiry does not tolerate Joe Budden having a friend spend the night

It’s no secret that Tahiry and Joe are working on their relationship, but it doesn’t seem like things are getting any better. While trying to break the news of landing an acting role that would possibly pose problems in their already shaky relationship, Tahiry finds a hair on Joe’s bed. Joe doesn’t make the situation any better when he admits that a “friend” did sleep on his bed, and that he indeed changed the sheets and pillowcases. Tahiry goes on a rant, expressing that she’s not going to tolerate any other woman but her in her man’s bedroom.

6. Tara learns that Amina is the wife… and gets angry.

Yandy Smith gives Tara a heads up on where Amina would be and after a very tense conversation in which Tara tries to tell Amina that she’s nothing more than just a side piece, Amina pulls out her driver’s licence proving that she’s in fact Peter’s wife. Obviously, Tara doesn’t take it well and both women get into a brawl before being pulled apart.

Were there any moments from the Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 3: “ Lez B Honest” that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!