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Brandi Glanville

Brand Glanville Reveals Exactly What She Said About Joanna and Mohamed

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was involved in twice the amount of Real Housewives drama this week, as her name was brought up during the Real Housewives of Miami reunion. Now, she is setting the record straight on what she actually said about Joanna Krupa and Yolanda Foster's ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid.

"Yolanda and I had both heard that this woman from RHOM had an affair with her ex during their marriage," Brandi writes in her Bravo blog, refusing to refer to Joanna by name. "While at a Bravo party, this other woman stared to walk up to me, and when she saw Yolanda, turned and ran the other way (we walked away as well). We both thought it was very telling."

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"Later in the evening, when asked by one of the RHOM women why I was avoiding that certain person, I simply said, 'I don't want to be friends with a woman that sleeps with married men' and motioned towards Yolanda," Brandi says. "That was all that was said. I was simply being a loyal friend, and that was it."

On Watch What Happens Live this week, Brandi told host Andy Cohen that she believes Joanna slept with Mohamed because Mohamed apparently made a comment about the smell of Joanna's, uh, private parts. Brandi now clarifies what she heard. "Hearing Yolanda's ex joke with Lisa and me about the odor situation, I assumed it all to be true," she writes.

Joanna and Mohamed have now both denied sleeping together, and Brandi realizes that not everyone will take her side one this. "I don't expect Lisa [Vanderpump] to back me up on this because of our current rift and her closeness with Yo's ex — but it is the truth," Brandi says. Brandi points out that Yolanda has now asked her not to say anything more about the situation.

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Brandi also addresses her slightly uncomfortable lunch with Lisa and Yolanda on this week's RHoBH. "During our lunch, Lisa takes a few digs at Kyle (again) and a little dig at me about needing brain puzzles to help stimulate my brain," she adds. "For a second, until Yolanda laughed, it was a little uncomfortable because Lisa'a digs towards me are becoming more regular and starting to slightly annoy me."

So there you have it: Brandi is standing by her story about Joanna and Mohamed, but it's now seeming that she might have misunderstood the situation.

Do you think Mohamed and Joanna actually slept together? And do you think Brandi is being a good friend to Yolanda?

Source: Brandi's Bravo blog