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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans “Can’t Stop Laughing” at Miley Cyrus’s Transformation!

Remember back in the day when Miley Cyrus's crowning achievement was the fact that her dad gifted the world "Achy Breaky Heart"? Oh, and the fact that she was on Hannah Montana? Times have most certainly changed! Miley has morphed from a sweet girl next door into a professional nudist, and our favorite Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, is judging her big time.

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Jenelle took it to Sulia to post a transformation photo of Miley with side-by-side images of her swinging on that infamous wrecking ball and her swinging on a rope swing while fully clothed! Jenelle captioned the picture, "This is seriously the best thing ever … shots of Miley then and now … ahah can't stop laughing…"

What do you think, Teen Mom fans? Is Jenelle insulting our girl Miley and her penchant for chilling on construction equipment while naked, or is she laughing with her not at her. Either way, we're sure Miley doesn't have hard feelings. This former Disney star is used to being judged by her fellow A-listers (yes, we consider Jenelle an A-lister, deal with it), and she's gotten a lot of criticism for her renegade makeover.

Then again, you'd think Jenelle would be Miley's biggest fan considering the stunt she just pulled on stage at the MTV EMA

Source: Sulia