Megan Boone: 5 Things to Know About the Blacklist Star
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The Blacklist

Megan Boone: 5 Things to Know About the Blacklist Star

As Elizabeth Keen on The Blacklist, actress Megan Boone is constantly thrown into scenarios that require her to save lives with very little information. But while we didn’t really know our girl Meg before the days of the new NBC show, we’re happy to solve this mystery on our own.

Have you seen The Blacklist, by the way? Because it’s excellent, and in it Megan plays an FBI profiler who gets a big surprise on her first day of work. Before she even shows up to the office, a super wanted criminal arrives at the FBI and says he’ll help them track down a bunch of terrible people — but he only wants to work with her. And after reading up on the beautiful young lady, we can tell why. Here are five facts about Megan you probably didn’t know.

1. She grew up in a retirement community
Although she’s originally from Petoskey, Michigan, Megan’s parents up and moved the family to The Villages, Florida, a retirement community. But they did it for good reasons: Her grandfather was the developer of the property and her parents wanted to be closer to them. These days, her mother works as the director of sales. Bocce, anyone?

2. When she’s nervous, she eats popcorn
Megan admitted that when she's nervous, she pops and can't stop. The first time she ran lines with co-star James Spader, she had a pretty rough time of it. After retreating to her suite and working with a PA, she was snacking on popcorn when James came by. “A kernel of popcorn stuck in my throat,” she told the NY Post. “I didn’t want him to know I was choking.” Obviously, she didn’t.

3. She was the first actor cast on the show
You might think seasoned actor James would be the selling point for producers, but that wasn’t the case for The Blacklist. “The producers were so fixated on making the right choice they couldn’t find any other actor that they wanted to send to NBC with me,” she says of nabbing the coveted role. “Usually, that’s a bad thing. But they didn’t want to give NBC another choice. There were a lot of women vying for the part.”

4. Her background is mainly in theater
Megan got a BFA in acting from Florida State University, and never left the stage. In 2008, she won the L.A. Weekly award for Female in a Comedy in the city debut of Limonade Tous les Jours. While her Blacklist character is fairly no nonsense, a sense of humor is definitely important when you’re being tear gassed, dragged through woods, and otherwise put in harm’s way 24/7 on set.

5. She’s single, boys
The 30-year-old star claims she’s “married” to her job, and somehow, the many hot guys on set haven’t hit on her. Sorry, Megan, but if you’re up for it, we’re betting your days as a single lady are numbered. And we totally don’t mean that in a murdery way…

Are you watching The Blacklist? Do you adore Megan already? We want to know!

Sources: NY Post, L.A. Weekly

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11.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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