11 Things You Didn’t Know About Joseph Morgan
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The Vampire Diaries

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Joseph Morgan

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Joseph Morgan — and his on-screen persona of Klaus Mikaelson — it’s that he can easily transition from a semi-important character on The Vampire Diaries to a leading man on The Originals.

While there are varying degrees of fangirling (and fanboying!), we thought we’d give you a jumpstart on getting to know all the details about everyone’s favorite dimpled hybrid. Did we mention that he’s British?

But we won’t be bothering you with minute details like that, nay, we’re going to enlighten you on some of the more intimate details about the swoon-worthy actor.

1. He’s off the market.

That’s right, ladies. There’s only one lady (besides his mum) who will be pinching those cheeks anytime soon. Joseph is currently dating Persia White, who had co-starred with him on The Vampire Diaries as Abby Bennett (Kat Graham’s on-screen mom). These two are almost too adorable together.

2. He’s got some Doctor Who connections.

In 2007, Joseph played William Price in the TV movie of Mansfield Park alongside Billie Piper, who played Fanny Price. For those of you non-Whovians out there, Billie played Rose Tyler in the 2005 revival of the BBC classic Doctor Who alongside Christopher Eccleston, who played the ninth incarnation of the Time Lord.

3. He’s obsessed with comics.

Call him the “Original” geek. While Joseph gets to head to Comic Con and be adorable, he’s a little bummed that he can’t take in the sights while he’s there. “The only bad thing about Comic Con is I never seem to have any time to get any comics #subtlehint,” Joseph tweeted on July 17.

4. He’s not actually Joseph Morgan.

Joseph was actually born Joseph Martin. We’ve no idea why he decided to switch it up, or why he chose to go with something equally generic. What are you hiding, Mr. Morgan?

5. He’s inked up.

He’s got an eclectic taste for tattoos. He’s got a panther-like tattoo on his right bicep, birds and a feather on his left arm/chest, and a triangle on his back. Sounds perfect to us.

6. He’s an avid reader — of the supernatural genre.

Back in 2012 Joseph decided to use his Twitter to help start a reading revolution. That’s right, you can participate in a virtual book club with JoMo by including #bookrevolution in your tweet. And here’s some advice: Joseph loves books of the supernatural genre, so if you want to win his favor, try reading any Stephen King tome or some zombie classics.

7. His first audition was for Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

That’s right, Joseph is a Harry Potter nerd. We’re not quite sure our on-screen boyfriend wasn’t given the part. Sure, Christian Coulson did a fine job in the role, but we still think Joseph was born to play that role.

8. He’s not just an actor.

Want to see Joseph’s work behind the camera? Revelation is a short film that he wrote and directed in 2013 that is currently making the rounds at film festivals across the nation. Can you guess who stars in this little gem? That would be the lovely Persia.

9. He’s very philanthropic.

Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) is practically a do-gooder superhero, and Joseph, a strong supporter of Positive Women, a charity which aims to empower women in Swaziland, shares the same giving spirit. Together, these two just might save the world.

10. He’s got great taste in TV.

Just like most of the cool kids on the block, Joseph is obsessed with AMC's The Walking Dead and HBO’s Game of Thrones. But let’s get real, who isn’t?

11. He’s a gambler.

Joseph told The Huffington Post that he and Charles Michael Davis (his co-star on The Originals) met in Los Angeles when they were in the same poker club. Not only do their on-screen personas have a crazy history, we’re sure the actors themselves have had some rowdy nights as well.

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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