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America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: Jourdan Thought Marvin Would Win, Did You? (POLL)

The first guys vs. girls cycle of America's Next Top Model ended last night (Friday, November 15) with the semi-surprise win of ... a girl!

Some fans weren't too thrilled that another tall blonde won the show, even if Jourdan Miller got best picture five times, was never in the bottom two the entire competition, and isn't even a blonde. That was part of her makeover, like last cycle's winner, Laura James, who went back to brunette.

Jourdan won Cycle 20 over Marvin Cortes, which surprised some fans who expected a male model to win the first male season. Many fans never stopped reeling from the cruel cut of Cory Hindorff at the start of Friday's episode, right before he still had to walk the runway and continue that silly "Who Will She Choose" performance.

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Entertainment Weekly talked to Jourdan after her win, which she'd been keeping quiet since the beginning of April. Even she was expecting a guy to win since this was the first guy's season.

"Yes, I was,” Jourdan said. “I remember standing there and thinking, 'It has to be a guy. They want something exciting to happen' — not that me winning isn’t exciting. But I think that me winning is definitely going to throw everybody off, because they’re not expecting it. I just remember standing there thinking, “It’s gonna be Marvin, it’s gonna be Marvin. There’s nothing I can do. And then when Tyra said my name…I could not even fathom the idea that my picture was the only picture lit up on the screen. I remember shaking like a leaf, and thinking that my knees were going to buckle underneath me any second."

They're going to do the guys vs. girls theme again, so maybe they were just waiting for the right guy to come along to win. Apparently it wasn't Cory or Marvin or any of this group, but it really isn't too surprising that Jourdan won — all of her photo wins were a pretty big hint!

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EW asked if it surprised Jourdan to watch the show back and hear some of the things her fellow models were saying about her in confessionals. "Oh my gosh, all the time," she said. "It’s so fun for me to see the things that people say behind my back, because immediately afterwards I’ll get a text message being like, 'Oh, you know I don’t really hate you!' I was really surprised at Renee’s commentaries. I didn’t think they were going to be as harsh. She did warn me a little bit — like, 'Hey, I kind of talk some smack about you.'"

But she got why they said those things. "I understand everything. And the way that they would talk about me — sometimes I’m like, 'Oh yeah, I am kind of being a bitch right now,' you know? Or 'Yeah, that wasn’t cool of me to do.'”

The next step for the Oregon lass is packing up her stuff and moving to New York. "I’m trying to get myself out there and start working, and really just start crafting my craft, you know? And making a brand for myself, and figuring out what it is about me that makes me a signature model. I think that’s the next step, is just figuring out what my brand is."

Congrats to Jourdan!

Do you think the right model won? Are you excited for the next guys vs. girls cycle? Do you wish they’d bring back the old system, without social media and challenge scores, etc.? Vote in the poll below — you can vote for multiple things.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The right model won!

The wrong model won!

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