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Jax Taylor

Jax Gets Relationship Advice From Stassi’s 8-Year-Old Brother: Must-See Clip!

Between the yelling and the drink-throwing and the constant backstabbing, Vanderpump Rules is certainly not a show that we would call cute. However, we got a surprisingly adorable moment in tonight’s episode (Season 2, Episode 3), when Jax Taylor went to Stassi Schroeder’s 8-year-old brother for advice.

“I wasn’t happy about [the breakup],” Jax says to Nikolai while visiting Stassi’s family in Lake Arrowhead. “But I’m trying to fix it! What I’m doing isn’t working. Maybe you can help me. What do you suggest I do?”

“You should tell her, ‘I want to make you happy. And I will not be mean to you anymore,’” Nikolai explains. “And that you won’t be drunk and stupid! You cheated on her! You just can’t cheat on her! You always have to be in love with one girl. Okay?!”

Nikolai continues with his suggestions on how to be a man. “You have to be funny, handsome. You have to be mature. Brave. Here’s the deal: you can’t be shy of girls. She’s just a human, not like a wolf or a snake.”

“Well, Stassi can be like a wolf sometimes,” Jax jokes.

“She can,” Nik agrees. “She can be like a wolf. She’s kind of vicious.”

Later in the confessional, Jax reveals his thoughts on Nikolai’s advice. “Everybody has a way of making things so complicated. Yet, I sit down and talk to Nikolai — he’s 8 years old — but it’s the best advice I’ve gotten from anyone.”

Watch the adorable exchange between Jax and Nikolai below!