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The Kardashians

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Already Selling Their $11 Million Home — Before Living in It?

Forgot about Dre? Not so fast.

That’s going to be a near-impossibility for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, now that the couple are planning to give the rapper/producer a healthy chunk of their change in exchange for a massive plot of his land.

TMZ reports that the couple, who are currently spending their downtime with daughter North at Kris Jenner’s Hidden Hills home while their own $11 million mega-mansion is being completed, are considering giving up the home they’ve been waiting on for nearly a year because it doesn’t afford nearly enough privacy for media-shy Kanye — something he might have noticed before he threw down all that cash.

However, the couple are thinking of shelling out an additional $12 million for a 6 acre plot of land belonging to Dr. Dre in Bel Air on which they’ll build an even bigger, better, more secluded luxury home in which to create their army of perfect, genius children.

While Kanye and Kim may initially lose quite a few bucks on the deal, having already spent a boatload of cash on their souped-up home, they plan to sell the first house and hope to recoup some of what they put into it — so if you know anyone looking for an $11 million mansion covered in odes to Kanye West's greatness, well, we know a place.

Source: TMZ