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Teen Mom

Melissa Joan Hart Says She Wouldn’t Have Been Cast on Sabrina If She Were a Teen Mom

Everyone stop what you're doing because Sabrina the Teenage Witch is in the house, and she has all kinds of wise musings to impart about teen pregnancy. Also, by Sabrina the Teenage Witch, we mean Melissa Joan Hart, who recently sat down with MTV for a chat about motherhood!

Sabrina — er, Melissa — is the proud mom of three sons, and tells MTV that she would have had to press the pause button on her dreams had she gotten pregnant as a teen.

"If I had been a teen mom, they probably wouldn't have hired me as Sabrina … they probably wouldn't have put the show on with me as a lead because it was a family-friendly show, and especially back 20 years ago they did not look kindly on that kind of thing," Melissa says. "My mom was a teen mom, so it happens. But I think that it's a really difficult thing to do."

Um, yes. If we've learned one thing from watching hours of Teen Mom (other than leopard-print tattoos are always a good idea), it's that being a teen parent is no walk in the park. These gals have had to give up their own childhoods, their education, and sometimes even their friends — all to raise a child before they're mature adults themselves!

Sigh, if only Salem the Cat was here to offer his two cents…

Source: MTV

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