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Ravenswood Midseason Finale: Original Caleb and Miranda Get Close in Behind-the-Scenes Photo!

In Ravenswood’s Season 1 midseason finale, “Scared to Death,” Miranda and Caleb will have a lot of questions to answer before the show goes on its nearly two month hiatus. Last we saw of the young Ms. Collins, she had just run into her mother (also a ghost) on a stage at her high school. Though the two walked off through a lighted doorway, we have no idea where they went.

So, what do we know? That at some point in the episode, Miranda and Caleb end up in the past: Or, at least, we see them as the Caleb and Miranda who existed in the past reality of Ravenswood. Director Norman Buckley shared this behind the scenes shot of the two leading cuties on his Tumblr.

“Here’s me directing #Ravenswood. It looks like somebody at ABC Family kindly photoshopped [my] bald spot,” he captioned the cute pic. In it, Miranda in a pale green period dress and Caleb, also buttoned up in older duds, seem pretty happy, no matter what’s going on in the story. And, in fact, they look thrilled to see one another in other pictures from the episode. What is the relationship between their past selves: brother and sister, as we previously imagined, or something romantic? In Episode 4, Miranda sort of confessed to Olivia that she has a crush on him.

How will they get back in time, and how does it affect what’s happening in present day Ravenswood? We’ll have to wait and see when Season 1 Episode 5, “Scared to Death” airs on Tuesday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family

Source: Norman Buckley

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