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Vanderpump Rules

How Did Vanderpump Rules Stars Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor Meet? (VIDEO)

We all know about Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder's many ups and downs over the course of their rocky relationship. But how did they first meet?

In this unaired clip from the show, Stassi asks the group to share the moment when they were the most drunk or the most messed up.

Stassi herself graciously goes first, and her own personal anecdote is quite the doozy.

"[Mine was] the day I met Jax 'cause I took a Xanax, and I woke up in his hotel room and I didn't know where I was," she admits about when they met in Vegas.

"Because I took a Xanax, and that makes you forget things, so I didn't remember the night before," she continues. "So I woke up in this hotel room, like, 'Where am I, and who is this man right next to me right now?'" Her fellow SUR staffers proceed to make fun of her for such a romantic story.

Wow. We knew that these two have had issues, but they actually got off to a bumpy start right from the get-go.

Do you admire Stassi for being so open? Or do you think this story is yet another sign that they shouldn't stay together?

Source: Bravo