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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Tahiry and Joe Budden: Three Reasons Why They Should Be Together (PHOTO)

Hot off the heels of a rumored proposal being filmed for Love & Hip Hop Season 4, reality stars Tahiry and Joe Budden are proving to be the couple that just won’t quit! After we saw this picture of the two looking extra cozy together, we thought it was about time for the pair to end their silly games and just be together.

Obviously, there are some of you guys out there that think these two aren’t right for each other, but here’s our three reasons while Tahiry and Joe Budden should be together:

1. Joe’s a changed man. Well, at least we think Joe’s changed for the better. Between openly admitting to wanting to start a family with Tahiry, and his lovelorn tweets about the Dominican model being the only woman for him, we can’t help but feel that Joe’s ready to take that next step with his on-again off-again girl.

2. Tahiry loves to take Joe back. Over the seasons of Love & Hip Hop, we’ve seen Tahiry and Joe break up just to make up again. It’s obvious that Joe holds a soft spot for Joe… and always will.

Credit: Instagram    

3. Tahiry and Joe will be “homies” for forever. Through all the ups and downs over the years, Tahiry and Joe have been friends — close friends. During an interview with Hot 97, Tahiry and Joe remarked on the current state of their relationship, stating that they were “homies.” The two even went on to say that they love each other. When the interviewers continued to probe into their relationship status, Tahiry quickly answered “you’ll have to tune in to the show.” Mmhmm

Several gossip sites have been posting fan videos of what appears to be a very public display of Joe Budden’s feelings towards Tahiry. While it’s also rumored that Tahiry said “no” to Joe’s proposal, we have a feeling that by the time Love & Hip Hop Season 5 films (if it comes back for a fifth season, that is), Tahiry and Joe will be singing another tune.

Do you think Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden should end up together or is it time for them to go their separate ways? Sound off below!