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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Jesse Williams Shows Jackson’s Bloody Hand — Is He Hurt?

Credit: Jesse Williams on Instagram    

Jackson Avery may have the body of a god — and thus, so too does his portrayer, Jesse Williams — but that doesn't mean that he's invincible!

Just look at this worrisome Instagram post Jesse uploaded yesterday, November 18 — a snapshot of a bloody hand.

Before you freak out, Jesse says it's not actual blood in the post's caption. "We're considering photos for my character's new Surgeon-Detective #SpinOff," he writes. "#DrJacksonAvery in#HouseCalls #ThisIsFunButNotReal#HalfOfYouWillOverreactInTheCommentsAnyway"

But is the blood Jackson's? Is he hurt? If the blood were that of a patient, wouldn't he be wearing latex gloves?

After that nearly-fatal bus-victim rescue in the Season 9 finale, we don't know how much Avery-harm our hearts can take!

Jesse's cryptic caption clears up nothing — other than the fact that, if he thinks half of us fans will overreact, the situation must not be as dire or life-threatening as it looks.

Also, um, Jesse? That's a little too much sass. Leave the snark to us, OK? (Also, post a gratuitous shirtless selfie.)

Another clue might be the background, which looks like a granite slab, implying that this bloody hand may be resting on a rock in the great outdoors (or perhaps resting on an expensive kitchen countertop).

That's about as much as we can conjecture, but what do you think is going on in this snapshot? Speculate away in the comment section below.