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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Retweets Fan Calling Kyle Richards “Fat” — Kyle Responds!

There's been tension throughout Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 thus far between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. But now, things are getting especially vicious.

Following last night's episode — in which Lisa hears that Kyle was speculating that her faint was faked, along with Lisa seeming to suggest that Mauricio might in fact be cheating on Kyle — Lisa took to Twitter to retweet a particularly nasty message from one of her Twitter followers.

"I don't normally retweet... however everybody else is so here we go," Lisa tweets on November 18 before retweeting this: "Talking st about @LisaVanderpump when she's not there is really sucky @BrandiGlanville, especially to fat Kyle. #BadFriend #RHOBH."

So why did Lisa post such a harsh message? "Hard to see all the crappy comments when I was feeling particularly compromised," Lisa tweets. "Not a victim, but the lack of support was disgusting."

As you can imagine, Kyle did not appreciate the fact that the message that Lisa retweeted referred to her as "fat."

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

"Wow, Lisa. nice retweet," Kyle tweeted. "Thanks for the RT calling me fat. #mean."

When a Twitter follower responded that Kyle was mean to Lisa by implying that she faked the faint, Kyle responds, "[I didn't say] mean things about anyone specifically. Purposely did not."

And when a Twitter follower tells Kyle that Lisa is a great friend to her, Kyle pointedly says, "On camera." Kyle adds, "And what about the 'where there's smoke, there's fire' comment? Deliberate — believe me."

This leads Lisa to tweet at Kyle, "Thanks for your piss-taking... #evenworse."

Wow! We had hoped that Kyle and Lisa would have worked out their issues of late, but they are clearly not in a good place.

Do you think Lisa went too far by retweeting a message that calls Kyle "fat"?

Source: Lisa on Twitter, Kyle on Twitter