Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    
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Ravenswood Midseason Finale Shocker! Olivia’s [SPOILER] Trying to Kill Her!?

It’s hard enough being a teenager in Ravenswood without having those close to you, trying to kill you! In the Ravenswood Season 1 Midseason Finale on November 19, we found out that Olivia Matheson and the others are in even more danger than we could have ever imagined — and they have no idea!

Credit: ABC Family    

Why, exactly, are their lives in danger? Because Liv’s boyfriend, Dillon, is after them! We were just starting to like the guy, which makes it all the more awkward to watch him secretly stalk them. Only hours after showing up at Olivia’s house to talk to try and win her back from getting too close to Caleb Rivers and Remy Beaumont, he showed his true colors.

While the group was at the hospital, waiting for Caleb to come to after falling out of the haunted house where they rescued Miranda, Max appeared. The tiny, terrifying non-human girl who was helping to hold Miranda in the haunted “dream” house with her “parents” walked up behind Dillon and, for a moment, we were worried for him.

Surprisingly, he spotted the red coat-clad (what’s with the red coats, Marlene?!) blondie, and followed her to another room. “After all I did to get them in that house…” Dillon said to Max. “Their connection was stronger than I imagined,” the creepy kid replied.

And then, scariest of all, we were told “He’s going to be so mad,” meaning neither Dillon nor Max is in charge of what is happening to the group! Were they talking about Raymond Collins? Someone else entirely? Heck, is it “A”?

We are dying to know what happens and why Dillon ended up on the wrong side of this pact, but we will have to wait until Ravenswood returns on Tuesday, January 7 for Season 1, Episode 6, “Revival.”

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