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Ravenswood Midseason Finale: Music From Season 1 Episode 5 “Scared to Death”

We’ve been holding our breath since the first moment of Ravenswood’s Midseason Finale in Season 1, Episode 5 “Scared to Death.” But while we’ve had our eyes on Miranda and that creepy little Max kid, we’ve had our ears on the music steering our favorite characters through their most harrowing adventures.

Here’s what you heard on the November 19, 2013 episode of Ravenswood.

Artist: Cajsa Siik
Song: Plastic House
Scene: Dillon visits Olivia to ask why she's always spending time with Caleb
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Artist: Califone
Song: Stitches
Scene: Luke tries to talk to Remy, but she turns him down
Trying to get born all over again
without a wish without a lie
without dying all over again
trying to stop taking it out on you
- cut the connection
just to stitch it together again again again
Chinese opera show me your stitches
deep sea diver shoes on a wire
the blood left my hands
sucking the whiskey out of your hair
the wilderness between the bite marks and scratches
didn't we fit together
like somebody else's sweater
- cut the connection
just to stitch it together again again again
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