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Teen Mom

Amber Portwood’s Daughter Leah Is Growing Up So Fast — See Her Most Recent Pic (PHOTO)

Sigh, kids these day. One day they're scampering around the floor of your home binge-eating cheese puffs, the next they're riding around the hill towns on a dirt bike. In other words, they grow up so fast! We can't believe that it's been five whole years since Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley welcomed their adorable daughter Leah into the world on MTV's 16 and Pregnant — so much has changed since then, especially Leah herself!

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This beautiful gal has transformed from an adorable infant to a poised, graceful child, and she's looking more mature than ever in a recent photo Gary shared on Twitter, along with the caption "Geez she looks grown!"

Amen to that. Leah looks amazingly elegant in this photo, which might have something to do with the fact that she's sporting a sophisticated high bun and is dressed up in a leotard. Someone is clearly training to be a ballerina! Leah looks like the perfect combination of both her parents, and we can't imagine how shocked Amber was when she busted out of the clink and realized how grown up her daughter is.

Can you believe it's been five full years since Leah graced the world with her presence? Take a walk down memory lane in the comments.