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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville Accuses Lisa Vanderpump of Leaking Stories to Press: “I’m Going to Have to Get Better at Chess”

Rumors are swirling about whether Brandi Glanville's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars recently considered organizing an intervention for her. Now, Brandi is claiming that the story was invented by a RHoBH cast member. But which cast member does Brandi think is responsible?

According to Radar Online, Kim Richards has been worried about Brandi's drinking and wanted to stage an intervention for her, which would have aired this season. Sources say that Brandi then shot down the proposed intervention and wouldn't let it happen.

However, when Brandi heard that both Radar Online and Perez Hilton were reporting this story, she denied that it was true.

"@PerezHilton @radar_online No one on RHOBH has tried an 'intervention' with me," Brandi tweeted on November 19. "When I'm depressed and over-indulge, I have a therapist that helps me! :)"

So why does Brandi think that this story got out? Apparently, she is holding one particular co-star responsible for feeding this rumor to Radar Online.

Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

"Just found out who's behind all these BS storyline RHOBH show leaks," Brandi tweeted later that day. "Looks like I'm going to have to get better at chess." To which Camille Grammer's best friend Dedra Whit tweeted, "Shouldn't surprise you, honey — we told you years ago."

Yikes. Immediately, many of Brandi's followers assumed that she was blaming Lisa Vanderpump, given that Kyle Richards has claimed that being friends with Lisa is like playing chess. However, Brandi claims she isn't pointing the finger at Lisa.

"I didnt say [Lisa did it], that's not who I meant," Brandi clarifies.

So who does Brandi think did it? Well, Brandi and Kyle Richards have appeared to be tight recently, so we're guessing it's not Kyle. But we know that Brandi has issues with Joyce Giraud, not to mention previous cast members Adrienne Maloof — who has been accused by Lisa of giving stories to Radar — Taylor Armstrong, and Faye Resnick, so those are all possibilities.

Do you believe the intervention rumor? And who do you think might have started the rumor?

Source: Radar Online, Brandi on Twitter