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Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Relationship Update — November 21, 2013

Not sure if you've heard, but two gorgeous goofballs named Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are getting married on January 26, 2014.

Yeeeeaaaah, maybe you knew that. Even if you lived under a rock you’d still probably hear our squeals of excitement about The Bachelor Season 17 nuptials. We've been doing State of the Union updates for their fellow Bachelor Nation lovebirds Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, but what’s new with SeanCat? What have they been doing?

Wedding stuff, natch.

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We have to assume the state of their little union is strong, unless they’re just getting married for the free party. (People have gotten hitched for worse reasons.) They now live in Dallas, even if the wedding itself will be in California. Catherine uprooted herself from Seattle, first to support Sean on Dancing With the Stars this past spring in L.A., and now to live in his Texas hometown.

They’re only slightly excited to be walking down that aisle. On November 7, lucky Catherine tweeted, "Mrs. Sean Lowe in 80 days #countdownlowedown," sharing an adorable photo of herself kissing a photo of Sean on The Bachelor. Also earlier this month, they shared these hilarious Save the Date cards. Let's all hope Jack Nicholson took note of his personal invite and does save the date.

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These lovebirds are actually lovebears, as they prove time and again by wearing bear costumes. On November 17, Sean tweeted, "1 year ago today, I proposed to this panda in Thailand," linking to a beach photo with him in a suit and Catherine in a dress. He's wearing a polar bear head, she's wearing a panda head. Because, duh.

(Side note: We can't really see Emily Maynard doing this with Seansie, so yeah ... some things definitely happen for a reason.)

Catherine has also been tweeting "#weddingworkout" pretty regularly, adding on November 19, "#honeymoonhotbod." So we know she's hustling to get even hotter, if that's possible. She even found time on November 14 for some "am cardio," aka car-dancing like a mini beast to "Get Lucky." Watch her here. Epic!

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Sean recently told Life & Style we'll see many familiar Bachelor Nation faces at their wedding. “I’ve got several guys who were on the show with me — John Wolfner, Charlie Grogan, Ari(e) Luyendyk, Jr. and Jef Holm,” he said. “She’s got a ton of girls that were actually on my season that she became very close with. It’s going to be fun.” Definitely! It’d be even more fun if we were there, just saying.

Here's a full roundup of wedding stuff we already know.

What else do these crazy people do on the reg?

It seems that the rest of their time is spent sharing appropriately goofy tweets and photos. And the happy Bachelor just turned 30 — celebrating with Catherine in Las Vegas. Sean shared a cute pic with Catherine, writing, "All I want for my birthday is my Fil-i-pino!"

Sean’s Filipina (although she’s more than just that) is also generous. On November 18 Sean shared a photo of some sweet Jordans he got for his big day, writing, "Greatest fiancée in the world! Can't believe @catherinegiudici got these for me. Lucky man!"

They are both lucky — and almost too cute to handle. Are you counting the days to their wedding? Do you wish you were going to the actual event instead of just to your couch in front of the TV? Sigh, welcome, friend.

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