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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Will a Ravenswood Ghost Follow Hanna Back to Rosewood?

Ravenswood ghost Miranda Collins has made great strides in her ghost-dom since becoming a spirit in Season 1, Episode 2 (“Death and the Maiden”). While previously she could only stay within the confines of the Ravenswood cemetery and Collins Funeral Home, she now has her run of the town. Which begs the question: how far-traveling are Ravenswood’s other ghosts? Could one of them potentially follow Pretty Little LiarsHanna Marin (Ashley Benson) back to Rosewood?

The Ravenswood Powers That Be don’t seem ready to answer that question just yet, but the fact that director Norman Buckley posed it at all makes us worry. “How far exactly IS Ravenswood from Rosewood? Do ghosts travel, I wonder?” he asked the other day on Twitter. Yikes! Hanna better watch her back. And front. And sides.

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For those unaware, Hanna will be making her second Ravenswood appearance in Season 1, Episode 10 of the series (airing in the winter). This time, she will be heading to the town of Ravenswood, rather than just chatting with Caleb over the phone. So, the opportunity for a malevolent spirit to track Hanna back to Rosewood is definitely there. And, we’re guessing the Ravenswood ghosts are going to have to start getting creative about taking “The Five” teens down. In the mid-season finale, we learned that Team Evil definitely has strategy sessions – we witnessed one between Olivia’s boyfriend, Dillon, and creepy ghost girl Max in a hospital supply room. We wouldn’t put it past them to start targeting “The Five”’s loved ones in an effort to break their spirits… and bones.

On the other hand, the thing that most notably distinguishes Ravenswood from PLL is its supernatural themes. Thought people may come back from the dead on PLL, it’s because they faked their death, not because they are playing ghost or have found a loophole in some century-long curse. If a ghost follows Hanna back to the setting of PLL, that is going to be very confusing tonally. We’re not sure if we can see the Pretty Little Liars Powers That Be taking that risk. Although, at this rate, Caleb might be a ghost before Hanna makes it to Ravenswood… and we might make a crossover exception for him.

Do you think a ghost might follow Hanna back to Rosewood? Do you want one to? Sound off in the comments below!

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