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Pretty Little Liars

If Pretty Little Liars Were The Hunger Games, Who Would Win?

We’re pretty hyped up for the release of the second film in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire so much so, that it got us thinking about how the Pretty Little Liars might do in the event of an arena-like showdown.

Especially because, sometimes, it feels like “A” is the gamemaker and the Liars and their loved ones are the tributes, fighting for their lives. If our fave Rosewoodians entered the arena, here’s how we think they would rank!

10. Aria Montgomery

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We love Aria, but we don’t think she’d make it very long in the arena. Her artsy skills may make her successful in the outside world, but no one inside of the arena is going to care about the retrospective she saw at the Philadelphia Museum of Art or how many sells she has on her Etsy page. Maybe her beginner martial arts skills will get her past the cornucopia, but that’s about it. Sorry, Ar!

9. Noel Kahn

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Noel Kahn would probably stand half a chance, if not for his overconfidence. Also, he seems like the type to make a lot of noise whilst thrashing through the woods. Too bad his off-screen alter ego couldn’t lend him any of that light-footedness he recently picked up on Dancing With the Stars...

8. Toby Cavanaugh

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Pretty Eyes would probably garner quite a few sponsors and he has carpentry skills, but we’ve never been particularly impressed with his stealth mode. After all, Spencer did eventually figure out he was working for the “A” Team and he did get knocked out whilst traipsing through the Rosewood forest in the Season 3 finale. His best chance is probably hitching his wagon to Spencer, Peeta-style.

7. Hanna Marin

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Hanna is admittedly more of an indoor girl, but she does have some wilderness experience from her, ahem, camp-out with Caleb in the woods in Season 2. But you just know Hanna is going to be that tribute who starts a campfire the first night in the arena, broadcasting her location to her competitors. On the other hand, Hanna is a survivor. When backed into a corner, she usually comes out on top. Maybe she would surprise us.

6. Emily Fields

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Emily Fields, circa Season 1 would probably be at the bottom of our list, but Emily Fields, circa Season 4 is kind of a badass. She’s always been an Olympic-level athlete (though, that shoulder might give her some trouble whilst climbing trees), but now she has the no-nonsense attitude to match. Emily’s downfall would probably be her compassion it makes her a vulnerable tribute and an excellent person.

5. Caleb Rivers

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Perhaps from his upbringing as a foster kid who had to look out for himself, Caleb is a wily sort. He’s upped his game even more since he moved to Ravenswood. The spinoff is basically the perfect training grounds for all the possible forms of attack the arena might throw at him. Death by shower curtain? Been there. Attempted murder by house? Died, then came back to life! You can’t keep this kid down for long.

4. Ezra Fitz

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Prior to his summer finale reveal as “A,” Mr. Fitz would probably be hanging somewhere near the bottom of this list with soulmate Aria Joseph Campbell quotations are apt, but useless in the arena but his dark side gives us pause. If he is Uber “A,” then this guy has some serious scheming potential. He’d be hindered without his techno-heavy lair, but a mind like Ezra’s and the ability to trick competitors into thinking you’re someone that you’re not? Extremely valuable in the arena.

3. Mona Vanderwaal

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Mona is a potentially sociopathic genius who doesn’t fluster in life-or-death situations (unless they involve someone trying to choke her to death from behind). Yeah, she would do well in the arena. We wouldn’t be surprised if she sees the world she currently lives in as an arena-like situation with everyone her potential enemy. Mona is good at making alliances that suit her, and she’s willing to do what she has to do to survive we imagine that this could encompass anything from murder to playing a sympathetic role during her interview with Caesar Flickerman. She’s a girl of many talents.

2. Alison DiLaurentis


Alison’s been on the run for her life for the last few years, so she might not even notice a change of scenery in the form of a friendly life-or-death jaunt into the arena. Her strategy: faking her death on Day One. It’s going to be tricky what with the death cannons and the hovercrafts not to mention the gamemakers and the folks back home but, if anyone can do it, it’s Ali. We wonder if that Red Coat comes in camo.

1. Spencer Hastings

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Not only would Spencer win the Hunger Games, but she’d probably find a way to do it while saving her BFF lives, too. That’s just how Spencer rolls. Though we wouldn’t be surprised if she has picked up archery or fencing at some well-financed summer camp, she’d mostly use her giant brain and her extensive knowledge of both Medieval history and Game of Thrones to take the arena by storm, Daenerys-style. Basically, the odds will ever be in Spencer Hastings’ favor. Because she’ll make them be.

Do you agree with our rankings? Sound off in the comments below!

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