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Glee Recap: Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out” — Blaine and Sam in NYC!

Sing us a song, you’re the piano boys and girls! On tonight’s Billy Joel-centric Glee Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out,” Blaine and Sam are headed to NYC, while Ryder is making his move on Marley! It’s now time for the recap, so grab your ear douche, tell someone that their junk is the size of a car, and throw on some reruns of ER.

Strike a Pose

New Directions’ senior class is finally thinking outside the halls of McKinley, so Blaine and Sam check out NYC colleges. After singing a tune at the Spotlight Diner, Blaine is set to audition for NYADA but gets cold feet and wonders if pre-med is for him.

For the record, if we thought there was any chance we could ever have Blaine as our doctor, we would stop taking our vitamins and would instead lick every doorknob within a 500-mile radius. However, Kurt’s pep talk means there’s no Dr. Blaine, so the only time Blaine will be wearing a sexy white lab coat is in our minds. (And yes, that’s all he’ll be wearing. But we digress.)

Speaking of wearing very little clothes, Sam realizes that he’s always wanted to be a male model, which we suppose is a step up from stripping, right? And so we get an amazing cameo from Tyra Banks as Bichette, who is sort of like the Yoda to Sam’s Luke Skywalker. We can imagine Yoda telling Luke, “You do not try to lose ten pounds. There is no ‘try.’”

Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

A Note to Moms Everywhere: Never Say “Humpty-Hump”

Back in McKinley, Jake has embarked on Operation “Undo That Colossal Mistake I Made” by giving Marley flowers and stuff. So you know what that means, right? It means we get to see our second-favorite Gleeparent, a.k.a. Marley’s mom. (Sorry, Marley’s mom: Nobody beats Burt Hummel, obvi.) But aren’t Marley and her mom just the cutest together?

With Marley seeming to be this close to giving up men forever (there’s no shame in being a cat lady, Marley), Ryder sweeps her off her feet and puts hearts on Instagram photos of them. Wait, was that sweet or stalker-y of Ryder? We’re still not sure, but we think it’s sweet. Then again, Marley isn’t quite smitten yet, so maybe he should have dialed it down a bit.

Meanwhile, the cute friendship between Artie and Becky continues. Artie realizes that Sue doesn't really want Becky to move on, so he finds a college with a program for students with Down syndrome. It looks like Becky will have a new group of classmates to refer to as her “bitches.”

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Our “Favorite Scene of the Night” Awards

We know what you’re thinking: You’re thinking that of course Sam stripping during his model shoot will be our Favorite Scene of the Night. And you know what, we resent that! We’re not that shallow! Okay... maybe we are. But was anyone else not feeling Sam's ponytail? Or maybe that’s just us. (See, that was deep of us, right?)

As for our actual Favorite Scene, we’re going with Kurt cheering up Blaine before his stellar audition. Even though Blaine and Kurt are engaged, we haven’t seen them together nearly enough this season, since they’re in separate states. So this scene was the type of touching moment between them that we’ve been waiting for.

Our runner-up scene is Santana joining Kurt, Sam, and Rachel for their apartment sing-along. And sure, why don’t we go ahead and make grown-up Sam’s modeling shoot our third-place scene. We might be deep, but we’re not that deep.

Overall, we loved this episode, between all the Blam stuff and because we love the idea of Blaine and Kurt together in NYC. And do we see sparks between Sam and Rachel?! Plus, the Billy Joel tunes were awesome, especially Blaine’s dynamite “Piano Man.” Tonight's episode definitely had us feelin' alright. Or as Yoda would say, "Us feelin' alright, it had."

11.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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