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Glee Spoiler Photo: Wigged-Out Rachel in Costume as Barbra Streisand

Glee's Rachel (Lea Michele) has made clear her love for all things Barbra Streisand-related in the past. But we've never seen her wearing one of Barbra's iconic oufits until now, that is!

Rachel is currently deep into rehearsals for her role as Fanny in Funny Girl, the part that made Rachel's hero, Barbra Streisand, famous. To get further into character, we recently saw Rachel start wearing a wig that gives her the kind of bob that Babs used to rock.

Credit: Twitter    

Now, Rachel's transformation into Barbra is pretty much complete, judging by this new photo that Lea just posted to Twitter. Rachel can be seen wearing the same clothes that Barbra won to accept her Best Actress Oscar for Funny Girl in 1969. (Babs and Katharine Hepburn tied for the award that year, as you may recall.)

"Tonight on the set of #Glee @BarbraStreisand," Lea captions the amazing photo from the set of Glee Season 5, Episode 9: "Frenemies," which shows her side-by-side with a photo of Barbra from back in the day. The resemblance is pretty darn uncanny, no?

So now we're wondering why Rachel is dressed like this. We're thinking it's probably not for Funny Girl, but maybe she gets dressed up like Barbra to convince the director that she really has what it takes to channel the legend? The fact remains: We are people, people who need people to see this episode immediately.

Source: Twitter