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Brody Jenner on Kim Kardashian’s Wedding: I’m Not Sure If I’ll Be Invited

Brody Jenner isn't going to start picking out his suit for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding just yet.

Kim and Kanye got engaged last month, and now the whole world is excited about their sure-to-be-epic wedding. But it sounds like Brody isn't sure if he'll be included.

Brody tells Us Weekly that he doesn't know if he'll get a "save the date" for his half-sister's upcoming nuptials.

"Well, you never know with the family," Brody says. "I didn't get invited to the engagement, so you never know."

Wow! We feel badly that Brody doesn't think Kim would invite him to the wedding. We've always assumed that Brody was a significant part of Kim's life, so it's sad that this might not be true.

Either way, it clearly seems that Brody is hurt by the fact that he wasn't invited to the proposal at AT&T Park in San Francisco, which many of Kanye and Kim's loved ones attended.

However, there is one family member that Brody is feeling closer than ever to. He says that he and dad Bruce Jenner weren't always tight, but now they've been bonding over one main common interest.

"We talk all the time," Brody says about Bruce. "I was just talking to him this morning. It's all golf. All we talk about is golf." How cute!

Do you think Brody will be invited to Kim's wedding?

Source: Us Weekly