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Teen Mom

Should Parents Be Allowed to Gauge Their Kids’ Ears? Kailyn Lowry and Katie Yeager Weigh In!

The Teen Moms are a multi-talented bunch, but one thing they particularly excel at (other than making sex tapes)? Piercing their bodies in the most random ways ever. These ladies have been known to pierce everything under the sun, from their septums, to thumbs, to chests, to tongues! Basically, if there's some empty skin lying around, they're going to puncture a hole through it.

Of course, the most popular piercing in Teen Mom land is a simple earring — by which we mean a not-so-simple gauge that stretches out earlobes to a gazillion times their normal size.

Both Jenelle Evans and Maci Bookout have gauges, and apparently the trend has caught on with the youths (read: a few traumatized toddlers in the backwoods).

That's right, some parents are taking their children's piercings one step further with guages, which has Teen Mom's Katie Yeager and Kailyn Lowry completely horrified.

"I saw a toddler with his ear gadged the other day.... #icant," Katie tweeted on November 24, to which Kailyn responded, "That should be like child abuse. No toddler should have that."

We're not sure that ear piercings qualify as child abuse, but there's no denying that gauging is a painful process, and that forcing your child to stretch out his or her ear is more than a little questionable. Keep in mind that the earlobes will be permanently stretched, which kids might not be thrilled about as adults!

Do you agree with Kailyn and think child gauges qualify as abuse, or do you think gauges are no big deal? Weigh in below!