12 of TV’s Best Thanksgiving Episodes: Gossip Girl, Friends, and More! (PHOTOS)

Love it or hate it, Thanksgiving normally makes for an interesting meal. After all, mixing family, friends, booze, and food tends to produce very interesting results. That's ;doubly true when you're a ;fictional ;character ;with writers controlling your every move for maximum drama and/or hilarity. We're thankful that the creative minds behind our ;favorite ;shows are often smart enough to take total advantage of the delicious ;possibilities offered up by Thanksgiving to create some ;truly ;memorable ;Turkey Day episodes.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we've gathered 12 of our all-time fave Thanksgiving episodes right here.

Click through to see if your ;favorite ;made the list. If it didn't share it in the comments below!

11.26.2013 / 07:30 PM EDT by Stephanie Long
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