Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    
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Dancing With The Stars

Why Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff Didn’t Win Dancing With the Stars 2013 Season 17

Should we blame the prior dance training?

In a way, Corbin Bleu’s loss on Dancing With the Stars Season 17 is reminiscent of Zendaya losing Season 16. She was also considered a ringer for being part of a show about dancing. She lost to a dancer who was just as good from the start, but didn’t have the same perceived advantage. Sometimes your resume can get in your way on this show, even though it was clear the judges were extra harsh with Corbin because of his previous dance experience.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    

Corbin and Karina Smirnoff took second place, which has to sting a bit since Corbin was Karina’s dream partner for years and she’s had a couple of Finale disappointments now. She took third with Jacoby Jones last season and was second place with Mario Lopez back on Season 3, and you could certainly argue that Mario was a better dancer than winner Emmitt Smith.

Amber and Derek had the top scores of Monday’s Finals Night 1 and Tuesday’s Night 2, and it’s possible that sealed the deal for their win. But #encoreamber was trending on Twitter last night, and Amber’s hugeGlee fan base combined with Derek’s own huge DWTS fan base may just have been impossible to beat from the start.

Amber and Derek had the top scores for a good portion of the season — and even though there were big surprise eliminations along the way, they were the best bets to win from Week 1. Corbin may have even helped Amber because there was so much focus on his technical ability and it distracted from Amber’s own performance experience.

Team Roughley basically sealed the deal last night with their amazing Freestyle, which got the final spot of the night so it was fresh in fans’ minds as they voted. Corbin and Karina also had perfect scores for their Michael Jackson routine, but they danced second so the momentum wasn’t theirs by the end of the night.

As we said before, if any David could beat the Goliath of Team Roughley it was Corbin and Karina. But they just weren’t able to seal the deal. It’d be interesting to see the vote tally, to know if perfect scores from Monday and Tuesday would even have made a difference. It might make Corbin and Karina feel better (or worse) if it turned out they couldn’t have done anything to stop the Roughley train even if they were perfect.

What do you think? Should Corbin and Karina have won Season 17 or did this turn out the way you wanted?