Lamar Odom Wants $10 Million Before He’ll Divorce Khloe Kardashian — Report
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Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom Wants $10 Million Before He’ll Divorce Khloe Kardashian — Report

First the gloves came off, and now, it looks like the rings may be coming off too.

Lamar Odom’s allegedly drug-fueled, insult-filled video, in which he raps about cheating on wife Khloe Kardashian may have been the final straw in their turbulent marriage, but the troubled NBA star isn’t about to let his reality star bride go so easily.

According to a new report by tabloid the National Enquirer, Lamar is playing hardball with Khloe and demanding that she not only return the $875,000 engagement ring he gave her when he proposed back in 2009, but also shell out a whopping $10 million for him to divorce her quietly.

Kris [Jenner] and Khloe are very worried about Lamar. He’s a loose cannon, and he has a lot of dirt on the family and nothing to lose,” a Kardashian “insider” tells the Enquirer. “He knows all about their extreme surgery procedures when, how often and how much and the pressure put on the younger girls to follow suit.”

The source claims that Lamar is even ready to sell out Khloe in exchange for a payday. “Lamar is also prepared to destroy Khloe’s reputation by discussing their sex tape, and how she targeted him and tore his family apart.”

“Kris is insisting on a confidentiality agreement to ensure Lamar can never discuss his life with the Kardashians either in print or verbally.” Despite Kris’s demands, Lamar won’t agree to her terms: “He’s not signing anything until they cough up the dough,” claims the source.

While Lamar’s alleged drug problem could be causing this type of totally jerk-faced behavior, it does seem a bit odd that he’d be shaking Khloe down for money, especially when his estimated net worth is significantly higher than hers. Add in the fact that the two reportedly just began marriage counseling, and it seems a bit surprising that Lamar would have a change of heart so quickly.

Do you believe the tabloid talk that Lamar would try to take Khloe’s money in a divorce? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: National Enquirer