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Pretty Little Liars

Did Ali Kill Maya on Pretty Little Liars?

We know Nate was the one who supposedly killed Maya (Bianca Lawson) on Pretty Little Liars, but is there a chance someone else was to blame? In fact, could it have been Ali, who we now know was alive at the time of Maya's death?

Maya was tragically murdered in Season 2, Episode 25 (“UnmAsked"), and we're still not over it. In the Season 3 summer finale Maya's killer was finally revealed, and we learned it was Nate, her stalker ex, who killed her after she spurned him. Though, it's worth noting that Nate never said the words, "I killed Maya." Is it possible we don't have the full story?

We'd like to think Maya played a much bigger role in the "A" mystery, and therefore, it would seem like a shame for her to have been killed by a psycho stalker who had no direct link to Alison, her fake death, or "A." It seems especially alarming since Maya was the one who lived in Ali's home after the DiLaurentis's moved to escape the scandal. However, in Season 4, Mrs. DiLaurentis moves back to her old home, and Emily (Shay Mitchell) mysteriously discovers someone had been living in the crawl space. It's more than an coincidence. Could Ali have gotten rid of Maya so that she could have a place to crash? Plus, we all know Ali loved Emily the best — could this have been her crazy way of marking her territory?

In Rosewood, nothing is ever as it seems. Seeing how Ali faked her own death, we hope to find out what the troubled teen had been up to during her years on the run. Could Ali have killed Maya? If so, is she also responsible for more than one death in Rosewood? We wouldn't put it past her.

What do you think, PLL fans? Was Ali responsible for Maya's death?

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