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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Would You Rather Be Besties With Lisa Vanderpump or Kyle Richards?

There are basically two types of people in this world: Kyle Richards people and Lisa Vanderpump people. But which are you? Follow our guide to find out which of the two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills frenemies you'd rather have as a pal. Then, take our poll, and explain your answer in the comments!

Kyle Richards:

Pro: Kyle will definitely have your back, as she has remained close friends with OG Housewives Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong. Plus, her relationship with sister Kim Richards continues to strengthen, as do things between Kyle and Brandi Glanville.

Con: Okay, so Lisa doesn't appear to be extremely close with many of her castmates at the moment, but we don't blame that necessarily on Lisa. Indeed, we've loved seeing some of Lisa's friendships over the years, including with pals like Mohamed Hadid. And Kyle has been involved in her share of spats, too.

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Lisa Vanderpump:

Pro: Everyone wants a bestie who can make them laugh, and we're not sure you could find a more quip-ready pal than Lisa.

Con: Kyle certainly can hold her own in the humor department as well. And can Lisa teach you how to do the splits? We think not.

Kyle Richards:

Pro: You'd get to be in close proximity to Kyle's ridiculously hunky husband, Mauricio. And we're already smiling while just thinking about all the adorable convos you'd have with her squeal-worthy daughter Portia.

Con: Do you need a romantic swing-for-two built in your backyard at a moment's notice? If so, Lisa's husband, the always-sentimental Ken, is your man.

Lisa Vanderpump:

Pro: If you have a tiny dog of your own, and all of that pooch's tuxedos are in the wash, then you can be sure that there will be plenty to choose from in Giggy's closet. Plus, we'd love to borrow Lisa's actual humanclothes as well — although it helps if you're a fan of wearing pink.

Con: Kyle has some great dresses that we'd love to borrow, too — and don't get us started on how awesome it would be to get hair tips from her. Can you imagine constant access to all of her favorite hair products? Our heart is palpitating.

It's decision time: Would you rather grab drinks with Kyle or Lisa? Let us know!