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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Which Real Housewife of Atlanta Has the Most Money?

It's no secret that the Real Housewives of Atlanta are particularly challenged in the old financial department. In fact, none of us really understand how these women manage to afford their lavish lifestyles simply by chugging on tankards of wine and talking smack about each other. While we don't have any solid evidence confirming the statuses of the Hotlanta ladies' bank accounts, we can speculate as to who might be the brokest of them all. Here's our countdown from the least broke-ass to the practically bankrupt ...

7. Kandi Burruss

Well, well, for someone who did a lot of complaining over not getting her fair share of Kim's profits, Kandi sure does have a lot of bills, bills, bills stashed away. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the songstress is estimated to be worth a whopping $35 million thanks to her songwriting and record-producing activities. Eat your heart out, Zolciak.

6. Porsha Stewart

This Atlanta newbie has excellent pedigree and a loaded now ex-husband. Porsha married former NFL Quarterback, Kordell Stewart, about two years ago, but the pair have since had a messy divorce. Given that Kordell's worth an estimated $22 million we'd assumed Porsha was sitting pretty, but she has since revealed that Kordell has screwed her in the divorce, even locking her out of the home they once shared. However, our girl is still refreshingly generous with her dough, and even has her own charitable foundation. She's also got a hair line and a burgeoning music career to look forward to!

5. Phaedra Parks

Even though Phae-Phae's net worth is supposedly $12 million, we have our doubts about her future going forward. Suddenly, she's writing etiquette books, making Donkey Booty DVDs, and opening up funeral parlors? Sounds like someone's trying to make some extra cash before the piggy bank runs out of coins. Guess that outrageous birthday for baby Ayden hurt her wallet more than she realized, not to mention all those damn peaches for her fancy Sip and See.

4. Kim Zolciak

We all know that Kim's somehow managed to make a good chunk of money from her joke of a music career. She may not have the best voice in the world, but she has some mighty fine lawyers that made sure her pal Kandi didn't see one cent of all that "Tardy for the Party" gold. Plus, now she's got herself a wine and an upcoming wig line (seriously?). While Kim's probably worth about $1.5 million, she's not alone anymore. Above all else, Kim's earned her newfound financial stability the old-fashioned way: by scoring herself an NFL hubby. Celebrity Net Worth puts Atlanta Falcon Kroy Biermann around $3.5 million and, judging by the house the happy family now lives in, he's certainly willing to share the wealth.

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3. NeNe Leakes

Between her stint on Glee, her Housewives gig, and an upcoming line of home goods, NeNe certainly knows how to hustle. But does all that hard work help beef up her bank account? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Leakes comes in at about $4.5 million ... of course, in celeb land, that's peanuts. Still, out of all the RHs, NeNe seems to have the most potential to snag a spot on that famous Forbes list some day, especially if her plans to be the new Oprah pan out.

2. Kenya Moore

Kenya may have won Miss USA back in 1993, but she's not exactly rolling in dough. Celebrity Net Worth states that the beauty queen is worth an estimated $1.5 million.

1. Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia's brokeness was well-televised on her debut Housewives season. She lost so much money to her deadbeat hubby, Peter, she actually had to do the unthinkable: work again. It was all worth it in the end, though — no one was going to get between this supermodel and her dream dino wedding. Cynthia now runs a flourishing fashion school in Atlanta, and Peter is having great success with Bar One.

Are you surprised by these stats?

Source: Celebrity Net Worth