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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Criticized for Gay Friend’s Nickname — So She Tells Haters “F—K Off”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville clearly loves her book agent but does she use an offensive nickname for him?

Brandi has had a ton of success with her book career lately. Her first book, Drinking and Tweeting, debuted at number one earlier this year, and her next book, Dating and Tweeting, hits shelves in February.

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Indeed, Brandi and her litarary agent, Michael Broussard, have been fast friends throughout all of her success as an author. We even saw the two of them hanging out together last season on the show.

However, whenever Brandi refers on Twitter to Michael who is gay she calls him her "gaygent," and some of Brandi's Twitter followers seem to find this offensive.

The criticism got heated on November 29, after Brandi posted a photo of Michael with a glass of wine and called him her date.

When people were confused by Brandi's "date" comment, Brandi wrote, "My date is my BFF book 'gaygent' FK U if have an issue with LOVE." She continued, "He is my best friend and book gaygent F haters."

So when a follower asked Brandi, "Why you gotta label the guy all the time?" Brandi responded with, "He chooses his own name! He asked me to refer to him as 'gaygent,' so please FK OFF."

"His choice, I love him that's all," Brandi writes.

Do you think Brandi should stop calling him her "gaygent"?

Source: Brandi on Twitter