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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Eliminations: Matthew Schuler and James Wolpert In Danger!

The top six contestants on The Voice came to play last night, with many upping their games to a level we’ve never even seen before. Inevitably, though, someone has to go home — this is a competition after all. With everyone doing very well last night, tonight’s prediction could be fairly difficult. We’ll take a stab at it anyway, by looking at the iTunes charts and our poll results.

The winner of the night seems fairly clear. Tessanne Chin ran away with it with her rendition of “Redemption Song”, which secured her the 13th spot on the iTunes chart. Her performances earned a combined 42% of votes in our poll. It’s fair to say she’s safe as a kitten. Her teammate Will Champlin seemed to be runner up. His performances earned him an impressive 18% of your votes in our poll, and also landed him the #26 and #27 spots on iTunes.

Credit: Trae Patton/© NBC Universal, Inc.    

Not far behind Will is Blake’s only remaining contender, Cole Vosbury. He actually beat will on iTunes, earning the #16 spot with “Rich Girl” and #25 with “Better Man” by James Morrison. In our poll, Cole earned a combined total of 15% of your votes.

Jacquie Lee seems fairly safe as well. She scored a #20 spot on iTunes with Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby”. In our poll, she fared better with her rendition of coach Christina Aguilera’s “A Voice Within”. With 11% of your votes, she doesn’t seem to be in danger, but could land in the bottom three.

Credit: Tyler Golden/© NBC Universal, Inc.    

The two contestants we think are definitely in danger are Matthew Schuler and James Wolpert, both of whom have done very well in past weeks. For two weeks running, however, Matthew seems to have faltered a bit. He still charted with “When A Man Loves A Woman,” although he was fairly far down the list at #38. In our poll, that performance only earned him % of your votes for best performance.

James still managed to chart on iTunes with his performances, although not as high as the other contestants. “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” got him the #36 spot while “Fell In Love With A Girl” was way down at #48. His take on the well known Meat Loaf song gained him 0% of your votes in our poll!

The Lowdown

Credit: Trae Patton/© NBC Universal, Inc.    

Team Christina

Jacquie Lee: SAFE

Matthew Schuler: IN DANGER

Team Adam

James Wolpert – IN DANGER

Tessanne Chin – SAFE

Will Champlin – SAFE

Team Blake

Cole Vosbury: SAFE

It’s tough to say who will be going home, since we can’t be sure if the Twitter save will still come into play. That said, it’s looking like James and Matthew’s journeys on The Voice may come to an end tonight.

Do those results line up with your expectations? Are you mad to see someone on the chopping block? Sound off below!