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Teen Mom 3

Matt McCann Picks a Fight With Jenelle Evans Over Child Support Payments

Another day, another Teen Mom Twitter feud. Just when you thought things couldn't get more dramatic in this wacky world of hormonal youngsters, Alexandria Sekella's baby daddy, Matt McCann, decided it was probably a good idea to slam Jenelle Evans on the internet. Um, nope. Clearly he's never seen Teen Mom 2, because otherwise he'd know that Jenelle deals with confrontation head-on. To be honest, dude should consider himself lucky that she isn't snatching his weave as we write this.

Credit: Twitter    

But what did Matt do to offend our girl Jenelle? He dared to question the status of her child support payments (which were recently cancelled), that's what!

"Can someone ask QueenJenelle or whatever how not paying child support is a good thing?" Matt tweeted. "I'm so confused.."

Oh no he did not. Naturally, Jenelle was quick to slam Matt all over the internet, and though she's since deleted her tweets, she seems to have accused this dude of ditching visitation with his daughter, Arabella.

"I haven't showed to ANY of my visits?! Than how do I have pictures with my child?! Lolololol," Matt tweeted to Jenelle, adding, "I still pay child support, still have a job and still have attended college more than her. I also was an addict at a younger age than her, got clean before her, and have been sober longer than her. Please come at me again. Hah."

It's a shame that Jenelle and Matt are feuding rather than having each other's backs. As former addicts who are both trying to rebuild their lives, you'd think they'd be more supportive of one another!

Are you Team Matt or Team Jenelle? Weigh in below!