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Teen Mom

5 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Maci Bookout!

So, you think you know Maci Bookout, huh? Well think again! This gal might live life in the public eye, but even she has a few secrets that most fans don't know about. Get to know your fave Teen Mom even better by checking out five fun facts about her!

1. She Lost All Her Baby Weight in Two Weeks

Maci has an enviable figure — especially considering that she popped out a baby at the tender age of 16. Great skinny jeans must run in this gal's family, because she dropped her extra pounds in just a few weeks. Wowza!

2. She (Almost Definitely) Has Breast Implants

Maci's a natural beauty, but even she has insecurities! Though this gal's yet to confirm whether or not she's gone under the knife for breast enhancement surgery, the before and after photos don't lie. Maci's cup size increased from an A to a C, and a source told Life & Style back in 2011 that "Maci did have breast-enlargement surgery."  What ever floats your motorboats, girl!

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3. She "Never" Wants to Get Married

Maci and boyfriend Taylor McKinney are the cutest couple in Celebrity Ville, but don't expect them to put a ring on it anytime soon. Maci is on the record saying she "never" wants to get married. Though, she just might be singing a different tune since this lady recently told In Touch that she and Taylor are "looking for the same things in a marriage." Aww! Looks like there just may be a Teen Mom wedding special in the future!

4. She Has a Brother

Many fans are shocked to find out that Maci has an older brother named Matt, because he's never appeared on Teen Mom! Matt and Maci are super close, but he's camera shy and has no intention of letting MTV film him. When Maci was asked on Formspring why Matt doesn't appear on her show, she simply said, "He doesnt want to be." Fair 'nuff!

5. She Was a Cheerleader in Middle School!

Before Maci was changing diapers and massaging her cankles, she was a pom-pom twirling cheerleader! So that explains why she loves sitting on the sidelines of motocross races. Girl just wants to get her team spirit on!

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12.5.2013 / 04:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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