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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: What Brings So Many Doctors Together in the Same Scene?

Grey’s Anatomy’s thirteenth episode of Season 10 is a long way off — no, but really, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day will all be in the distant past. That’s how long. But that doesn’t mean we’re not already thinking about it! Whatever happens in next week’s mid-season finale is supposed to blow our minds, and obviously, to keep up in Shondaland, you’ve gotta stay ahead.

And this week, Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) slipped us a hint about what we can expect after the hiatus.

“Today I get 2 work w/ @EllenPompeo @PatrickDempsey @IamSandraOh #JimPickens @TheRealKMcKidd @JessicaCapshaw & @iJesseWilliams!” she tweeted Thursday. “#GOODTIMES.”

We’re assuming that means all of these characters are in the same scene, and we couldn’t help but notice they’re all members of the board. This sounds like a board meeting to us — maybe to discuss something huge that’s going down in the finale?

We also know that two things that could affect the way the hospital operates are due to occur in next week’s episode: Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is on the receiving end of a life-changing phone call, and Shane (Gaius Charles) is taking some kind of risk. Either way, we’ve got a feeling the docs are discussing one of these two things!

Try not to let the suspense get to you too much, though — February 27 is an anxiety-inducing length of days away.

Why do you think so many major characters are in the same place at once? Let us know what you’re thinking below!

Source: Twitter