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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Characters

Beth Greene (Emily Kinney)

Beth is Hershel’s youngest daughter. She and her older half-sister Maggie lived on the farm when we met them in Season 2, and Hershel kept Beth’s mother, Annette, as a walker in his barn along with many other neighbors and friends before they were shot by Rick and his crew. After her walker mother died, Beth attempted suicide but later realized she wanted to live.

Once at the prison Beth gains confidence and learns to kill walkers, though she still spends much of her time tending to Hershel and Baby Judith. Carl also develops a crush on her.

We haven’t seen much of Beth in Season 4 so far, but her budding friendship with Daryl is said to be explored further in the back eight episodes of the season.

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Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.)

Bob Stookey is still a pretty big mystery to us (is he the one feeding the walkers? could he be working for The Governor in some way?) but we do know a few key facts about this Season 4 newbie. For starters, he’s one of the only new members of Team Prison who isn’t a Woodbury survivor. Instead, the story goes that Daryl Dixon found Bob on one of his runs and brought him back to the makeshift home.

We also know that Bob is a former army medic with a serious drinking problem, which Daryl most certainly does not support. Hopefully we’ll learn more about Bob in the back half of Season 4.

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Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs)

Carl Grimes is the only son of The Walking Dead protagonist, Rick Grimes. He escapes the zombie apocalypse with his mother, Lori, and ends up living outside of Atlanta with a group of survivors led by Rick's former police partner, Shane Walsh. Carl begins to look up to Shane, but is delighted when his father reunites with the gang after escaping from the hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound.

Together with his parents and Shane, Carl travels around Georgia killing walkers and looking for other survivors. Unfortunately, he suffers a bullet wound during Season 2 that nearly claims his life, but ends up recovering in time to save Rick when a recently-killed Shane reanimates as a walker and tries to eat him. Carl morphs from an innocent kid to a walker-killing bad-boy, and ends up shooting his mother after she dies while giving birth to his sister, Judith.

Carl becomes more and more ruthless after his mother's death, and even murders a fellow survivor from a rival group –– just to play it safe. In other news, Carl develops a mega crush on Hershel's teenage daughter, Beth. In the words of Katy Perry, she makes him feel like he's living a (zombie-infested) teenage dream.

Carl continues to be a fighter in Season 4, but after the face-off with The Governor makes him think his baby sister, Judith is dead (we won’t know whether or not she’s alive until Season 4 resumes in February) he’s a changed young man.

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Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride)

One of the original members of Rick’s crew, Carol has suffered her fair share of heartbreak over the course of The Walking Dead’s first three seasons. Her abusive husband, Ed, was attacked by walkers, a fate that ultimately also befell her daughter, Sophia, after she got lost in the woods. Although Carol and the crew spent much of Season 2 looking for Sophia, they later learned she turned, and was one of the walkers Hershel kept in his barn.

At the prison, Carol leaves her meeker self behind and grows more confident. She has long had a flirtatious relationship with Daryl, and we are still holding out hope that that the two could become romantically involved in Season 4.

Rick banished Carol from the prison about one quarter of the way through this season because she killed flu-ridden Karen and David (she was trying to keep the sickness from spreading!) and now we’ll have to wait for the last half of the season before we can see her again.

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Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)

Though not featured in the original Walking Dead comics, Daryl quickly became a fan favorite on the show, known as Merle’s slightly nicer, sexier, badass brother. Daryl has struggled with his allegiance to Rick (to be fair, he did leave his brother handcuffed to a roof) but he has proven to be a valuable asset to Team Prison.

After Shane’s death, Daryl assumed the role of Rick’s right-hand man and has proven his worth thanks to his excellent hunting skills and proficiency in killing walkers with his trusty bow and arrow.

We love Daryl Dixon. In fact, we think he's one of TV's most compelling characters right now, and we can’t wait to see what the remainder of Season 4 has in store for him.

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Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun)

Glenn is The Walking Dead's resident scavenger, and he makes his first appearance by helping the show's main protagonist, Rick, escape from a zombie (aka walker) attack in Atlanta. After reuniting Rick with his wife and son, Glenn ends up getting kidnapped by a bunch of survivors living in a nursing home, who try to trade him for weapons. Luckily, this erstwhile dude is released, and he and his buddies head to the CDC for answers.

Once the CDC building explodes, the entire crew seeks refuge at a farm, where Glenn falls in love with the farm owner Hershel's daughter, Maggie. These youngins have sex while on a mission to get supplies at the pharmacy, and eventually fall in love.

Unfortunately, Glenn decides that his feelings for Maggie are getting in the way of his ability to destroy zombies, and breaks up with her –– but fear not. The happy couple reunite when Hershel's farm is attacked by walkers, and Glenn finally drops the L word.

During Season 3, Glenn and Maggie get abducted by Merle, and Glenn is questioned and tortured about the location of the prison camp where he and Maggie have been staying with Rick's group. Luckily, Glenn doesn't reveal any information and is eventually rescued, but his relationship with Maggie is altered due to her interaction with The Governor.

The good news? Glenn eventually pops the question to Maggie. And after almost dying from the flu in Season 4, Maggie and Glenn are still going strong.

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The Governor (David Morrissey)

We met The Governor in Season 3 when he was the charismatic leader of Woodbury, a picturesque town filled with survivors. Though the smooth talking Gov. seemed to have it all, Michonne and Andrea (who became romantically involved with him during her time at Woodbury) soon discovered that he was a widower hiding his zombie daughter, Penny, in a closet.

After Merle kidnaped Glenn and Maggie, Rick and the prison crew went in to rescue them. Michonne later kills Penny and takes out one of the Gov’s eyes during a fight in self-defense, causing him to start a war between the people of Woodbury and Team Prison. Andrea encourages Rick and The Governor to meet and discuss peace, but it’s a lost cause.

Later, The Gov. rallies the remaining Woodbury citizens and heads to the prison, but when his ambush is unsuccessful and he’s forced to retreat he kills many Woodbury citizens in a fit of rage. Though his whereabouts at the end of Season 3 are unknown, The Governor came back in Season 4 in a big way, initiating a deadly faceoff with Team Prison.

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Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan)

Maggie is Hershel Greene's eldest daughter, and lives on the farm Rick's band of survivors take refuge in. Maggie isn't afraid to risk her life in order to make supply runs for her group, and she eventually bonds with Glenn Rhee, a member of Rick's crew. Glenn and Maggie have sex while on a pharmacy supply run, but she's reluctant to enter into a relationship with him. Luckily, girlfriend has a change of heart, and she and Glenn eventually confess their love for each other after a brief breakup.

During Season 3 of The Walking Dead, Glenn and Maggie are captured by Merle while in the woods outside of the prison they're hiding out in, and Maggie is forced to take off her clothes for The Governor. Not only does he threaten to rape her, but he also threatens to kill Glenn if she doesn't tell him where the rest of their group is hiding!

Maggie gives up the location of the prison to save Glenn's life, and both of them are soon rescued by Rick's group. As you might expect, Glenn is upset with Maggie for divulging information to The Governor, but they eventually make up and Glenn pops the question. Nothing more romantic than a zombie wedding!

After Glenn nearly died during the start of Season 4, he and Maggie only grew closer and even discussed having a baby. Something tells us plans for future offspring may be put on the backburner though.

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Michonne (Danai Gurira)

Michonne is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who makes her first appearance during The Walking Dead's Season 2 finale when she saves Andrea from a walker by killing it with her katana (yep, she wields a with it). Michonne and Andrea become fast friends, but they're eventually discovered hiding out in the woods by Merle, who works for the deranged Governor of Woodbury.

Michonne doesn't trust The Governor and is forced to leave Andrea behind in Woodbury. She eventually stumbles across Maggie and Glenn and is able to eavesdrop on them and learn directions to the prison where their fellow survivors are staying. Unfortunately, Maggie and Glenn are kidnapped, but Michonne makes her way to the prison and joins forces with The Walking Dead's main protagonist, Rick. She helps Rick's crew rescue Maggie and Glenn from The Governor, and ends up killing The Governor's zombie daughter, Penny.

Unfortunately, Andrea prevents Michonne from killing The Governor, so she returns to Rick's group, where she helps defend the prison against Woodbury's attacks. After getting captured by Merle and making her escape, Michonne takes a group back to Woodbury to find Andrea, and is distraught to hear that she's wandered off into the woods in search of the prison. Michonne ends up finding Andrea (who's been bitten by a walker), back at Woodbury because The Governor caught her,stays with her while she commits suicide, and then heads back to the prison with survivors from Woodbury to reunite with the rest of Rick's group.

In the Season 4 mid-season finale, Michonne once again came face-to-face with The Governor. Let’s just say it didn’t end well for one of them.

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Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

Rick is The Walking Dead's head honcho, and has been demolishing zombies (aka "walkers") since the show's season premiere. This born-leader is a former Sheriff's Deputy who was shot while on duty. He wakes up from a coma only to find himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse (aka our biggest fear), and spends part of The Walking Dead's first season trying to find his wife and son, who have fled to Atlanta with Rick's partner, Shane Walsh. Rick ends up in the midst of a Walker attack in Atlanta, but is eventually saved and reunites with his family. The bad news? Rick's wife, Lori, is having an affair with Shane! Because nothing says romance like zombies.

Rick whiles away most of his days killing Walkers and being hunky, and eventually leads his group of survivors to the CDC, which ends up exploding –– though not before Rick is informed that they are all infected with the Walker virus. Despite this revelation, Rick and the gang go on their merry way and end up at a farm, where Rick's son recovers from a gunshot wound and his wife announces that she's pregnant with either Rick or Shane's baby. Sigh, zombie problems.

As you might expect, tensions mount between Rick and Shane, and Rick ends up stabbing Shane and killing him. After Shane's death, Rick and his band of outsiders move to a Walker-infested prison, and Lori goes into labor. Unfortunately, she dies during her C-section, leaving Rick more than a little emotionally unstable and with a new baby named Judith to care for. In-fighting among different groups of survivors around the prison forces Rick to prepare for war, but it looks like he'll have to get control of his hallucinations if he wants to win.

In Season 4 Rick yearns for a simpler life, but ultimately ends up coming face-to-face with The Governor in a bloody and deadly battle.

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Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)

Sasha is Tyreese’s younger sister, and she often looks to him for guidance. She was with Tyreese when Rick first rejected their group from the prison following Lori’s death, and later follows him and the others to Woodbury.

After The Governor’s failed attempt to overtake the prison causes him to shoot numerous Woodbury survivors in cold blood, Sasha and Tyreese take the remaining Woodbury survivors to the prison, where they are welcomed with open arms.

Sasha gets sickened by that deadly flu at the start of Season 4, but manages to hang on and get better just in time to fight The Governor one last time.

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Tyreese (Chad Coleman)

Tyreese, Sasha’s brother, and his group of survivors first met Rick and the prison crew when they snuck in just after Lori’s death. They had been wandering after their camp was overrun with walkers and were hopeful that Rick would let them stay in the prison. However, because Rick was so fragile after Lori died he asked them to leave and they went back to the woods where they were found by Andrea and Milton, who brought them back to Woodbury.

Tyreese was always skeptical of Woobury and The Governor but stayed there because he had no other choice. The Governor even used Tyreese for his information about the prison while planning his attack. After The Governor ambushed the prison and turned his gun on his own people, Rick and Tyreese agree that the remaining Woodbury survivors will move into the prison. Tyreese has been a valuable asset to Team Prison in Season 4, despite his meltdown after Karen’s death.

He narrowly escaped death during the final face-off with The Governor, and was only saved when Lizzie gunned down his enemy.