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Dot-Marie Jones on Her Upcoming Wedding: Bridgett and I Never Fight!

What's the secret to a happy relationship? According to one Glee star, it's never fighting. Easy enough, right?

Dot-Marie Jones (Beiste) got engaged to Bridgett Casteen in October 2013 at Disneyland and was asked by Rumor Fix to reveal the secret to their happiness.

"Talking," Dot-Marie says simply. "When you've been with someone for three years and haven't had one fight, you're doing something right." Not one fight?! Way to go, you two!

So we know that they're engaged, but have they discussed setting a date yet? "[We're] talking, but nothing's in stone," Dot-Marie reveals.

She adds that she doesn't know how many more Season 5 episodes she'll appear in. "Glee has me for six episodes," she says. "I've done four, so they have me for two more, and I hope more than that, 'cause I love what I get to do on the show. I'm so lucky."

Dot-Marie says she doesn't know what the show has planned for its 100th episode. "You know what, I can only imagine 'cause I haven't seen the script yet," she admits. "I don't know if I'm in it I pray I'm in it but come on, I'm sure it's gonna be huge." No arguments here.

What do you think Glee has in store for Beiste?

Source: Rumor Fix on YouTube