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Glee Spoilers: Does Real-Life Engagement Mean Characters Start Dating, Too?

Glee stars Blake Jenner (Ryder) and Melissa Benoist (Marley) have finally confirmed that they are indeed engaged in real life. Hooray! So does this mean their characters will get together on the show as well?

In Season 5 thus far, Ryder is definitely making his best effort to win over Marley, now that Jake (Jacob Artist) has cheated on her. Marley and Ryder even went out on a date, but Marley still appears to have feelings for Jake.

However, Blake says he's fine if Ryder and Marley don't end up together. "Whatever the writers want is the best," he tells Glamour. "I'm just glad I get to be with her on the same show. I have so much fun acting with her, even if she slaps me in a scene. It doesn't matter!" Aww!

Melissa, for her part, doesn't seem too convinced that Marley could ever trust Jake again. "I don't think so," Melissa says. "I'm speaking for the entire girl world, too."

But Jacob still has his hopes for Jarley working out. "I think Marley and Jake have had so much chemistry since day one," Jacob says. "It will be interesting to see what happens, but I do think she should trust him again because they are made for each other."

It sounds like we'll have to wait and see if art imitates life. But do you want Marley to end up with Ryder or Jake?

Source: Glamour